0 thoughts on “Vines and Wires

  1. @catstemplar2 – That’s a good question. I don’t know if it is exactly laziness, but rather a less holistic approach to infrastructure. The other issue with Bangkok in particular is that, like New Orleans, we’re largely at or below sea level so trying to run wiring underground is especially difficult.@kunhuo42 – You’ll have to avoid Bangkok as a whole, I’m afraid! Right near the area where I snapped this picture is a pedestrian overcrossing. You climb the steps immediately adjacent to these wires and could reach out and touch them with no effort at all. I assume the wires right next to the stairs are actually telephone and not electric – those are higher up the poles… I think…@mizz_chan – @nov_way – Glad you enjoyed the picture.

  2. An interesting juxtaposition of nature and machine (technology). I hazard that as long as no one disturbs the vine or the wires harmony can endure… but a good yank on the vine and disaster!

  3. what a beautiful it’s a sort of nature made art! integrated between nature and man made technology. harmony. do you know the name of that flower? so beautiful anyway.

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