Saigon Journal

My entry about bánh mi I made for brunch a few weeks back reminded me of a trip Tawn and I took to Ho Chi Minh City in February 2006 with my high school friend Ryan.


The whole entry is here, in case you’d like to peruse the photos, some of which are quite good.


0 thoughts on “Saigon Journal

  1. My favorite is Auntie giggling at the camera! LOL She looks just like my older cousin too. I’ll check out that site. You always take the nicest pictures. Thank you!

  2. @kunhuo42 – @Ikwa – @nov_way – Yeah, this lady was quite a character; the perfect type to capture in a picture. @Randy7777 – Actually, she was eager to pose and seemed to be having a good time of it all. Probably just happy we bought more sandwiches!@Devilzgaysianboi – Yeah, she is cute. Thanks for the compliment… that was a half-dozen years ago when I was a wee lad. LOL@catstemplar2 – It probably looks to be more about food than it really is. That’s the easiest thing to blog about!@Fatcat723 – I imagine I’ve had the opportunity to travel much more than many folks, and for that I’m appreciative.@murisopsis – Yes, I’ve had a lot of really good experiences on the road. I guess I make an effort to get to know the locals as best I can and not get too distraught when things aren’t the way I’m used to. At least, that’s what I tell myself! 

  3. i like the fact that the pic captured the smiling vendor. that’s nice. i’d like to give my thumbs up to whoever took the pic (i assume it’s tawn).

  4. Love this picture and did go back to the Ho Chi Minh City blog. Loved the little girl’s picture. It was so candid and very pretty. ALso liked the way Tawn was grilling the the shrimp.

  5. @Inciteful – Nope, needed to get a visa at the Vietnam embassy before travel, though.@RakkaRay – I’m sure it will be chock full of memories for you – hopefully constructive ones, too!@ZSA_MD – Thanks for your comments; glad I had a chance to share the older entries as nobody was reading me in those days. =(@rudyhou – Yep, it was Tawn. I’ll pass along your compliments.

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