Big Bite Breakfast

The morning after attending Big Bite Bangkok, I decided to make myself breakfast using some of the ingredients I had purchased.


Bagel sandwich with scrambled eggs, Provelone cheese, a slice of ham from Soulfood Mahanakorn that had been cured in a dry rub for four days then smoked of Thai herb cuttings, and some salsa made from Adams Organic tomatoes.  Add to that a latte and it was a pleasant start to the day.

Speaking of Adams Organic, I was invited to visit their farm in Korat so yesterday made the drive up there with Chow and Ken.  Lots of footage to share so I need to take several days to digest the information, write the entry, and fact-check.  Stay tuned!


0 thoughts on “Big Bite Breakfast

  1. @Inciteful – The concept the owner is going for is to serve comfort food, the simple dishes from different parts of Thailand that are the heart and soul of Thail cuisine.  He’s made good on that concept and in fact I’m heading there tonight to try several new items he’s added to the menu.  As for “Mahanakorn”, that’s roughly the Thai equivalent of “metropolitan”.  Bangkok’s name is actually “Krungthepmahanakorn” or “angel city”.@ElusiveWords – Oh, salsa goes really well with eggs.  Just make sure you heat it up first.  The ham was good like crack… the smokiness was very rich and lots of different aromas from the herbs.@icapillas – @murisopsis – @The_Eyes_Of_A_Painter – Yeah, this breakfast sandwich isn’t exactly low on calories, fat, or cholesterol.  =(@nov_way – Interesting question.  Have you never tried a bagel before?  It is a yeast bread that is boiled first, then baked.  This gives it an interesting, chewy texture that I really enjoy.@jennfaceee – Ah, but only a good bagel, right?  @Devilzgaysianboi – It would be my pleasure to.@Passionflwr86 – @ToReadYou – @yang1815 – @icepearlz – Exactly.@ZSA_MD – The sight, sound, and smell of coffee – or, more precisely, a latte – is such an integral part of our mornings here at our condo.  If I have to go somewhere early, I’ll usually make it a point to wake up early, even if it means losing a half-hour of sleep, just so I can go through this coffee ritual.@Dezinerdreams – You need a trip to Bangkok and an invitation to dinner!  LOL

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