Meeting Janet for Tea


Near the end of our trip to Los Angeles, Tawn and I drove south to Oceanside, CA to spend the night visiting some friends.  Along the way we stopped in beautiful San Juan Capistrano, a small town on the south side of Orange County, to visit Janet, a fellow Xangan who keeps us enthralled with her photos.


San Juan Capistrano is a mission town, home to one of the 21 missions and settlements founded by Father Junipero Serra and his band of merry Franciscan friars.  At the heart of the town is a railway station, at which Amtrak and commuter trains regularly call.  On the left side of the tracks is the old town area, Los Rios, where several antique shops and tea rooms are located.


Antique shower from Paris, filled with rocks and sitting in the garden of the tea house.


In her entry on the meeting, Janet has more pictures including a better one of the three of us.  The tea shop was very cute, though, with all sorts of fussily elegant cups, saucers, tea pots, and creamers, hilariously mismatched.


Their scones were very nice with locally made preserves and fresh cream.  Was it clotted cream though?  Not sure.  Anyhow, it was a pleasant visit and I’ve glad we had the chance to meet Janet in person after several years of knowing her virtually.

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0 thoughts on “Meeting Janet for Tea

  1. afternoon tea! we love doing tea, but have yet to find a place that does a really good tea service in baltimore. of course, it’s hard to beat tea at the ritz in london =P

  2. I do enjoy afternoon tea. There is a store near me that is “All Things British” and I stop there for tea and scone after work. Found some delicious English Breakfast Tea – so it says on the box.

  3. I am very happy that you met up with Janet. I did see the pictures on her post too.There is a lady here in town, who studied at one of the finer culinary schools in or near Paris, Le Cordon Bleu. She was helping me get a dinner together at home for some people and she said, that anymore importance is not given to matching plates and saucers and cups EXCEPT if the occasion is extremely formal. That goes also for the cutlery. So may be the place you all had tea didn’t want to be ” old fashioned”?

  4. You must be one of the few Xangan who travels the furthest the meet with others Xangans. Well, maybe Andy and Gary too. I saw this on Janet’s blog and it was a very pleasant surprise seeing the 2 of you there. I had not expect that at all.

  5. Mismatched is part of the charm and is very “in.”  You all look good and I am sure you had a grand time.  Sorry I missed you this time.  Love you!

  6. wish i would’ve know you were in town i would have passed by the tea house and said hello. i live just over the hill from the rain station.  capistrano is one of my favorite towns.  the mission is absolutely fabulous.  it is also just a short drive to oceanside for me so if you are anywhere in that area or riverside, corona, temecula let me know. would love to see you. i do so enjoy all your pictures and food entries.

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