Returning Home

Late Sunday morning, Tawn and I returned home from two weeks in the United States.  While I still have a bit more to share about the trip, and will continue to blog about it in the coming days – including about some other restaurants we ate at! – I wanted to let you know that we were back in Bangkok so that you don’t get confused about what would otherwise seem to be a month-long vacation!

Here’s a short video I shot on the taxi ride in from the airport, where I discovered some helpful and slightly shocking tourist materials.


0 thoughts on “Returning Home

  1. I saw this on your YouTube. I am glad you had a fun time with your sister and her family. Thank you so much for that card you sent from LA Chris. You are just a beautiful person. So thoughtful, and such a gentleman. Appreciate you.

  2. Welcome home!  My cousin went to visit the Tiger Farm, had a blaze, and shared photos of him holding the tiger on FB.  Wonder if I should ask him whether he visited the nipple “farm” and took some photos also.  🙂 

  3. Oh, time flies…home sweet home! It was a good trip and lots of good eats! Nice to have such a spacious taxi cab picking up you guys from the airport.

  4. Oh My! Well I guess some tourists might be interested… in alternative entertainment if tigers are too tame. hehe! I bet it is nice to return to your own home.

  5. And so once again, anothe chapter closes in the now famous travel journal of… “The Two Guy Travel Guide”. Stay tuned for the upcoming new series on your local TV channel. Sub titles are provided in case you don’t speak Mandarin.

  6. @ElusiveWords – WOO WHOO STRETCHED NIPPLES!!!Glad to have you back even though you are now farther away from me.Thanks for the call!!! Sorry didn’t pick up since I was at dinner with the tornado siren going off… I shall give you a call later there sir!

  7. welcome back to BKK……I guess taking a cab is still the best way to go into town from the airport, specially after I hv seen the pictures of my friend taking the airport link and walked up and down to the BTS station with all his luggages…. 😛

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