Sleep Deprived

I’m more of a morning person and Tawn is more of a night owl.  Last night, as I was lying in bed starting to doze off, he came in and wanted to talk to me about Something Important.  Of course, I ended up being awake, unable to fall back asleep. 

After an hour or more of lying there awake, I got up again and decided to do something productive with my time.  Several hours later, pushing 3 am, I decided I had better take a sleeping pill so I could get some rest.

Unfortunately, I forgot that I had asked my sister to call me in the morning so we could discuss an upcoming vacation.  So at 7:30 my phone rang and I answered it and started my day.

Despite running for 45 minutes in the morning, hoping to get my circulation going, I’m still dragging.  It is 4 in the afternoon and my head aches and my body is tired and I just want to sleep, but I don’t want to mess up my sleep cycle this evening so I’m going to try and avoid napping.

Rats.  Usually I’m such a good sleeper, too.  Let’s hope this doesn’t cause me to get sick before we leave for the US on Thursday.


0 thoughts on “Sleep Deprived

  1. That hangover is more related to the sleeping pill than anything else. Never a good idea to take those. They always leave you drowsy. Can’t sleep ? Just go natural next time. You’ll be thankful for it. Now go get some sleep.

  2. I know the feeling. For me it is caused by the sleeping pill. That takes a good 8 hours or more to get out of your system. A good nights sleep and you may feel fine again.

  3. I work at night but I have no problems sleeping in the morning. But SLEEP is very important and sleep at night is so much different from sleeping during the day time.

  4. Go to bed early and you’ll be fine! Hope Something Important was resolved and your vacation plans are set too! Coming back to the US so soon?! Hope it is for a happy event.

  5. I hope you are sleeping like a baby right now.The chicken Tangine was great once again. I added ghee along with the oil and browned mint and cilantro in the pot. And along with the spices, I added a tsp of tamarind paste. Everyone loved it.

  6. it’s really annoying when i can’t sleep well… especially if i have to work the next day. if i don’t get my 7-8 hours a night i get irritable and easily stressed, which makes me a not very fun person to be around! i hope you managed to get caught up on your sleep!

  7. @ZSA_MD – Am glad to hear the recipe went well.  I didn’t know you could brown herbs without them turning bitter.  Will have to try that.@The_Eyes_Of_A_Painter – @Fatcat723 – I find that I am okay with the sleeping pills (they are the half-dose ones) so long as I can get a full 8 hours of sleep after taking them.  Sadly, being woken up 4 hours later isn’t enough…@stevew918 – You back in LA?  We’re heading there the end of this week.@npr32486 – Well, two nights now… =(@oxyGENE_08 – I’d have a hard time working the night shift.  Too much of a morning person.@kunhuo42 – @ThePrince – @murisopsis – @Randy7777 – @awoolham – Well, the second night was not much better, waking up at 3.  Maybe I’m experiencing advance jetlag for the trip later this week?  Ha ha…

  8. Oh dear… I can really sympathize with your lack of sleep. I wonder if melatonin can help? It’s interesting, J can sleep almost at will while I’m a relatively light sleeper.

  9. I’m fairly certain roaming Disneyland with Emily and Ava will ensure you a good night’s sleep once you get here. I hope you got some sleep tonight!

  10. @ElusiveWords – I thought of you and realized that a few nights isn’t all that bad compared to what you deal with.  In the past, I’ve found melatonin unhelpful when I’ve used it to help encourage sleep on the plane and fight jet lag.@alextebow – That’s for sure!

  11. haha… poor chris. gosh, i hate it when it happens to me. just a week ago i couldn’t fall asleep for whatever reason. it was a week night but i didn’t want to take any pill. i thought i could fight it and make myself sleep naturally. it wasn’t till about after 4am that i did. i was a walking zombie with a migraine the next day at the office. all i could think about all day was my soft pillow and comfy mattress at home. needless to say, i skipped gym that night.

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