Behind the Scenes – Tawn’s First Fashion Show

It’s Saturday afternoon here in Bangkok and Tawn’s first fashion show, in which he’s participating after only two semesters of studying fashion design – begins in less than three hours.  I’ve spent a good portion of the day at Paragon mall, helping him get everything loaded in and documenting the process in the hopes that years from now where he’s a famous designer and they need to do a retrospective of his work, I’ll have some pictures they can use.

Just returned home to freshen up a bit before heading back to take pictures and video of the show.  Here are some sneak peak behind the scenes photos:


Tawn organizes outfits as models (mostly Russian) chat.


Lots of “hurry up and wait” during the rehearsals.


After final dress rehearsal there is chaos backstage as designers make adjustments.  Here, Tawn, assisted by another student, adds padding to the model’s shoes so they fit better.

 Pictures and video in the next day or so.  Stay tuned!


0 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes – Tawn’s First Fashion Show

  1. Cool. I had to smile at the fact that you want pictographic evidence in case he becomes famous… that is such a loving, awesome thing to say, lol. Congrats to him.

  2. @murisopsis – Russian and other Eastern European models because there are relatively few Thai women who are that tall, so they common a premium. “Cheap imports” pick up the rest of the work, so to speak. =D@yang1815 – Black and white because the backstage pictures didn’t have a lot of color to begin with and I found them more interesting sans color.@Passionflwr86 – I’m confident it will happen!@marc11864 – What the heck? She didn’t even RSVP!@windblown85 – @Fatcat723 – @CurryPuffy – @venice – @epiginoskete – @jennfaceee – @slmret – @icapillas – @The_Eyes_Of_A_Painter – @ZSA_MD – @Vitamin_D – Thanks to everyone for your supportive comments. If you haven’t seen it already, the coverage of the actual show is now posted.@maniacsicko – You know, he really had done a lot of work for preparing and so I think he was quite confident that the outfits he designed were ready. As for the other parts of the show, the things that were out of his control, he didn’t worry too much about them.@mocawong – Oh, you know it. Lots of madness, and after the fact the place looked like a storm had ripped through!

  3. I like the B&W look. I don’t know how I can concentrate with all those beautiful women in various stages of undress. (the repressed straight gene in me…)

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