Senators Call for Bipartisan Budget Decisions

I read an interesting NY Times article yesterday about the efforts by Senators Mark Warner of Virginia and Saxy Chambliss of Georgia to create a bipartisan conversation about the nation’s budget deficit.  This as Congress makes a grand show of nipping at the budget’s heels by cutting things like Head Start early education for children.


While I may be a cock-eyed optimist and a tad naive, I think most Americans can handle straight talk.  They are willing to make sacrifices if things are explained to them clearly and without a lot of added fright.  I’d like my Senators to join in this bipartisan approach, so took the time to send them the following email:

Dear Senator:

I’d like to encourage you to join with Senators Chambliss and Warner in their effort to hold an honest, bipartisan dialogue about our national deficit. 

The current talk in Congress focuses on cutting discretionary spending, which only makes up 12% of our budget.  Much of it goes to important programs, but even if we cut it all, we still would have a long way to go to fix the deficit.

I’d like you to be a part of an honest discussion that acknowledges that cuts in spending will have to include defense, healthcare, and social security costs.  I’d also like you to acknowledge that revenue increases will also be a necessary part of the solution.

Please stop playing politics with our nation’s future.  Join Senators Chambliss and Warner and others who will rise above politics and find a bipartisan solution to repair our nation’s finances.

Thank you.

That’s the action I’m taking.  What action will you take?  How do you think the deficit should be approached? 

In other news, I’m heading out this morning on an overnight border run to Singapore (previous entry).  Figured that the flight is the same price if I stay overnight, I’ll have time for dinner with friends, and I don’t have to get up so early to catch my flight.  Except that I went to bed early and managed to have the garbage collectors wake me up at 4:30 as they rattled the bins on the street.  Thankfully, this trip will include lunch at Din Tai Fung with two other Xangans.


0 thoughts on “Senators Call for Bipartisan Budget Decisions

  1. I have sent a letter to my senators! I get more and more upset by our new governor who wants to cut the budget by cutting funds to education, health concerns for the elderly. Of course they are the people who cannot afford to spend money or contribute to campaigns. Oh, he also wants to give tax breaks to big business.

  2. I don’t have a senator or congressperson anymore :/ I am hopeful that Congress will get serious at looking at cuts that may not make them the most popular politicians but will really make a dent in the deficit.

  3. I am tired of the posturing and the petty bickering. True there have to be cuts. And I’m all for making some serious cuts in the military. I say get out of Iraq and turn over more of the “Fight on terror” to allies. I’m waiting for the military to have a bake sale to buy an airplane or a tank…

  4. Hope the trip is very refreshing and relaxing. AND, I hope you really don’t have to do these border runs for much longer Chris. What a pain!

  5. @ZSA_MD – Oh, I’m afraid these border runs will be a regular feature of life for the next several years at least.@murisopsis – I recall that bumper sticker from back in the 70s – “When will schools be fully funded and the air force will have to host a bake sale to fund another bomber?”@TheCheshireGrins – Taxation without representation.  Bummer.@Fatcat723 – It amazes me that so many average, middle class or working class people go along with the cuts on services to women, children, and the poor as well as with tax cuts for the wealthy, things that are directly against their own best interest.@ElusiveWords – Beowulf222 and Icepearlz

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