So far it has been a busy weekend, so much so that I haven’t had the time to read subscriptions or to write any posts.  This one wil have to be a quick one, in fact, because there’s a lot to do this Sunday.

This morning I’m trying a recipe for Red Velvet Cupcakes that uses roasted beets instead of red food coloring.  Actually, it uses canned beets but I went ahead and roasted my own beets since that is easy enough to do.  I like the idea of not using the food coloring but I also think a beet cake should be very pleasant, in the same way that a carrot cake has a moist sweetness that comes from the carrots.  We’ll see how it turns out.


I’ll leave you with a photo I took last Sunday while riding through the park near the Queen Sirikit Convention Center.  In a shaded hollow there is a statue of Buddha, surrounded by trees and looking towards a large lake.  Beyond the park, condominium towers have risen and the scene struck me as being an interesting combination of both the peacefulness of nature and the intrusion of modern urbanity.

Anyhow, I hope you are having a fun weekend.


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  1. Red Velvet cake is always tasty – and beets are a good alternative! My mother used them to make raspberry jelly since the juice has very little flavor and the raspberries completely hid it. I’m interested in the result!

  2. the picture was fantastic – I want to show if their buddah is different than the sri lankan buddah – they are so freak here – they don’t let him open – mostly they make rooms with gigantic windows and place the buddah in it – last time If I am not incorrect I’d seen an A/C (looked to me) too…cake’s good – I really would love to eat something made by your hands…

  3. @icepearlz – @CurryPuffy – Actually, not the same park.  You are both thinking of Benjasiri Park, which is adjacent to Emporium and is called “Queen’s Park” in English.  This park I took the picture in is actually called Benjakiti Park and is on Ratchadapisek Road next to the convention centre.  Confusing, eh?@alwateen – Buddhism came to Thailand from Sri Lanka, actually.@Dezinerdreams – Yoga five days a week!

  4. Imagine the Buddha back in the day, before the buildings, before the city grew up around it… (assuming that it’s an old Buddha). That must have been quite a sight too!

  5. @AzureRecollections – That’s a great thing to imagine, although the park isn’t all that old so despite the impression the photo gives, the city didn’t really grow up around the statue.  Well, the buildings across the street are pretty recent but there are plenty of other high rises within sight.@godisinthewind – Nice way to phrase it.@Roadlesstaken – @amygwen – @Fatcat723 – @kunhuo42 – @murisopsis – @CurryPuffy – Entry about the red velvet cake with beets has been posted

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