Chinese Poetry

Checking my Gmail this morning, the daughter of a high school friend and his wife sent me a message.  “Hi!  Stuck with Chinese homework.  Have to write a poem.”  I think she was using the chat feature as an excuse not do her homework.  “No worries,” I replied.  “I can help.”

After a few minutes of thinking, I responded with the following poem.  It is Chinese.  Kind of.


Chinese Poem


There once was a siu mai

All covered in sauce.

My brother didn’t want to eat it

So I said, “That’s your loss.”


Picked up by my chopsticks

and dunked in some soy,

The tasty steamed dumpling

brought my tummy lots of joy.


That’s all the creativity I can muster today.  Have a good Friday.


0 thoughts on “Chinese Poetry

  1. This made me grin like an idiot! You are a poet!! Yay! Of course it is easiest to write about that which you know… and you do know your food. btw I think I’ve gained weight just reading your posts. hehe!

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  3. THAT is priceless Chris!!! You and Pat ( my hubby) share the same talent of dreaming up whimsical poetry at the drop of a hat!! I love it!!! hehehehehRuth Ann

  4. @MichellelyNg – @everyday_yogi – @ungrandvoyage – @Roadlesstaken – Glad you all enjoyed it! Have a nice weekend. @Redlegsix – This was a rarity, I’m sure Pat is much better at it than I…@godisinthewind – Er, I hate to admit it but I borrowed the picture form Google images.@Dezinerdreams – No, most are better.  =D@murisopsis – Cheap rhymes do not poetry make.  That’s why I subscribe to you and Zakiah.@TheCheshireGrins – She replied, “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” but her mother later commented via Facebook that the assignment was a wee bit more complex.@CurryPuffy – I knocked a few ideas around but haven’t come up with anything yet.  Can’t get “black bean sauce” to rhyme with “claws”.@kunhuo42 – In th emost roundabout of ways, perhaps.@YNOTswim – No?  Shoot… =(@yang1815 – Glad you enjoyed.

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