Plastic Bag

Looking for a thoughtful short film to watch today?  I’d recommend “Plastic Bag”, an emotionally evocative 18-minute short by director Ramin Bahrani which I saw on Roger Ebert’s blog.  It is the epic, existential journey of a plastic bag (voiced by Werner Herzog) searching for its lost maker, the woman who took it home from the store and eventually discarded it.

Along the way, it encounters strange creatures, experiences love in the sky, grieves the loss of its beloved maker, and tries to grasp its purpose in the world.In the end, the wayward plastic bag wafts its way to the ocean, into the tides, and out into the Pacific Ocean trash vortex — a promised nirvana where it will settle among its own kind and gradually let the memories of its maker slip away.

0 thoughts on “Plastic Bag

  1. Wow, Chris — Thanks for sharing it — other than romanticizing the plastic bag, this is a beautifully made, thought-provoking film.  In CA, the plastic bag has been politicized recently — city by city, they are being banned, and in some places paper bags are subject to a 5-cents charge to encourage people to reuse cloth or heavier plastic.  And there are warnings by every storm drain that they drain to the sea and you should be careful what goes into them.  Unfortunately that vortex is a real, and very tragic ‘unintended consequence.’ 

  2. Thanks, I missed that. Here the banning of the plastic bag is under consideration. The other part is using the recyclable plastic – not sure I like that as tall. Let’s just ban them and get on with keeping our planet safe for the future.

  3. Everyone must watch this, Chris. Thanks for sharing. Here in Taiwan, we pay NT$1.00 (0.03 cents) for every plastic bag from the supermarket. So, we usually bring our own cloth bags.

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