Sunset Over Wat Arun


Last weekend, the younger sister of a friend I’ve known since pre-school was in town for a visit.  We spent a day and a half touring some sites and on Sunday evening had dinner at The Deck, which is conveniently located across from Wat Arun, the Temple of Dawn.  Since she had an early flight on Monday, we sat down for dinner a few minutes before the sun set and I was able to get this photo.  Gorgeous, isn’t it?

0 thoughts on “Sunset Over Wat Arun

  1. That is a wonderful photo…such beautiful colors in the sunset….and of course the Wat is such a great addition!! Thank you for sharing!! Hope you are having a good week…or you are about ready to start your weekend!!! ENjoy!!! Ruth Ann

  2. A relaxing sunset. I have to get a photo of the sunset over the bay here. Or as many call it watching the sun go to sleep for the night. The folks form a circle with percussion instruments of any sort and establish a rhythm to which any and all dance. They are saying good night to the sun.

  3. Stunning view of Wat Arun! I think it is one of the most beautiful temple in Bangkok. Despite the name “Temple of dawn”, it looks most spectacular at sunset. How is the food at the restaurant? I would love to check it out when I go back to Bangkok this April.

  4. @murisopsis – @Redlegsix – It is a very classic panorama, and very evocative, too.  I’d like to go to Bagan in Burma (Myanmar) where there are the ruins of some 4,000 temple scattered along the plains.  With the humid haze, sunrises and sunsets there are supposed to be as beautiful as this but multipled by many times.@rudyhou – Let me add that to my list of things I should be getting paid for, Rudy.  Ha ha…@icepearlz – @Passionflwr86 – @Roadlesstaken – @oxyGENE_08 – @yang1815 – @QuirkyThings – @cgdp001 – Thanks for your comments.  Glad you enjoyed it.@beautyandthebum – I’ve always enjoyed the irony that Wat Arun looks best at dusk rather than dawn!  As for The Deck, the food and service are both good although not insanely good.  The view and setting is certainly a big part of what you are there for, but the food doesn’t leave you disappointed.  Also, they have a fourth-story bar that offers great views so you can just go for sunset drinks@awoolham – Thailand is calling to you….  =D@AzureRecollections – @eRicSpellsRice – Add it to your list!@Fatcat723 – Oh, I’d like to see that sunset.  I’m sure it is beautiful.

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