Bangkok Children

When I moved here just over five years ago, only one of our friends in Bangkok had a child and she was just an infant.  In the years since, there have been a profusion of births, giving us plenty of uncleing opportunities.


Friends Tao and Paii gave birth about three weeks ago to a baby boy whom they’ve named Kiri, a very distinguished, older sounding name.  His little nose is as cute as could be!


While at the hospital to see Kiri, another couple showed up with their daughter Jaeda, who has the most adorable cheeks.


Jaeda’s brother JJ, who will turn three on Valentine’s Day, is much too clever for his age and is already adept at playing games on his father’s iPhone.  Dad seems very unconcerned, though.

JJ attends an international preschool so is learning both English and Thai.  I’m told that he asks after me quite a bit but has always been very reserved in person.  Finally, after the visit to the hospital we went to his favorite place – “Funarium”, an indoor playground.  His parents took a break while JJ and I climbed the jungle gym, slid down slides, and had a fun time.  Along the way I managed to scrape a big chunk of skin off my right elbow!  By the end of the afternoon, I was exhausted and JJ seemed to have finally opened up and would call to me “Loong Chris!” – Uncle Chris – if I failed to keep up with him.

0 thoughts on “Bangkok Children

  1. I’m so tempted to “unwrap” the baby. I didn’t like being tucked in so tightly when I was a kid. Even now when I go to a hotel, I have to loosen the blankets otherwise I feel like I’m pinned down. J’s nephews and nieces are so adept at playing games on an iPad and smartphones. Fruit Ninja is a favorite.

  2. The baby is so cute, all wrapped up, just showing his little round head! We wish you had a photo showing you playing in “Funarium”! Tawn looks like he wants a baby too, such a feeling of contentment!

  3. Jaeda is ADORABLE….I love the flyaway hair!!! I have two adorable little grandsons that you would be more than welcomed to be Loong Chris too!!! Ruth Ann

  4. @Redlegsix – I think her flyaway hair is wonderful.  Wish I had some like it.  Heck, wish I had any hair at all!  Ha ha ha…@ZSA_MD – It might be the other way around, actually.  After spending time with my nieces it is amazing I have the patience to deal with any young children at all!  Ah, I’m just hillarious today!@Fatcat723 – I’ll let his mother know, thanks.@CurryPuffy – Yeah, why don’t we have any Funarium pics?  Maybe they don’t allow pictures what with all the children around?  Privacy issues?  Nah – everyone has iPhones so no excuse not to show the slide that ate part of my elbow.@Sinful_Sundae – He follows his father’s fashion sense.  Ha ha….@TheCheshireGrins – @Cestovatelka – @yang1815 – Yeah, they are pretty cute.  That’s the way children are.  Then they grow up.@jandsschultz – That’s a major up-side.@ElusiveWords – So you’re not into bondage then, Matt?@Dezinerdreams – I was torn over how to Anglicise it.  Normally it is written as “lung” but I think most people will pronounce that like the breathing organ so I put the two “o”s in it instead, but then it reads like “long”.  Thai just doesn’t do well when written with Roman letters.

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