Chiang Mai Strawberries and Whipped Cream

To celebrate the completion of our bathroom re-tiling project, we celebrated with a special dessert: fresh strawberries from Chiang Mai (in the north of Thailand) and some hand-whipped cream.


Beautiful, aren’t they?  Unlike some of those mega-monster strawberries we get from California, which are all pale inside, these strawberries reminded me of the strawberries of my childhood – smaller and sweeter.  Of course, they still weren’t as nice as the strawberries we tried in Japan two Aprils ago.  (Video of that experience here.)

0 thoughts on “Chiang Mai Strawberries and Whipped Cream

  1. The small strawberries are definitely much sweeter. The farmer’s market here gets them in spring, and sometimes I see them in the grocery stores too. They are lot tastier than the large strawberries from Ca. I like those to dip in chocolate and refrigerate them for a while before eating. That’s the only way they taste good. That picture looks very good, Chris.

  2. We get the large ones from CA in the supermarket. The colours are amazing but the taste is bleah…I hope the 2 of you enjoyed the strawberries in the comfort of your new shower. (hmmm… that sounds kinky).

  3. I miss good strawberries… or just regular strawberries, even. Last year, when the strawberry surplus, I was devouring well over a kilogram of strawberries a week, all by myself. I loooooove them!

  4. @fortheloveofblogging – Oh, no worries – strawberries are very healthy. Lots of antioxidants!  XD@secade – Does Korea grow them?  I would think that in late springtime the weather should be about right.@awoolham – @Cestovatelka – The challenge with seasonal fruit is that we have to wait to enjoy it, or at least wait to enjoy the good, ripe ones.  But once the season comes comes, oh the wait is so worth it!@Passionflwr86 – Actually not so delicate.  I over-whipped and it ended up really stiff.  I think a softer whip would have been nicer.@ElusiveWords – Oh, yeah that really came out wrong, Matt.@twentyse7enn – The best strawberries I ever had (Japan) were actually a little pale but had so much flavor.  Not so the huge Driscol’s berries from California.@ZSA_MD – Dipped in chocolate is also a wonderful way to enjoy them, although I find the berry has to be really flavorful to stand up to the taste of the chocolate.@icepearlz – @icapillas – That’s one words that sums it up nicely.  =D

  5. Yummy – you can have the whipped cream, I prefer my strawberries plain. It ruins them if they are sliced with sugar! The little ones are best – the ones from CA are tasteless (or worse sour).

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