I Love My Mornings

P1130525Since as early as I can remember, I’ve been a morning person.  As a young child, I would get up while it was still dark outside and head to the kitchen, which always felt very cozy with its under-counter lighting, and would watch as my father prepared his breakfast before heading to work.  I’ve always associated mornings with peacefulness, stillness, and the potential of a new day.

Regardless of how late I go to bed – although late bedtimes are not my wont – I’m usually up by seven o’clock at the latest.  Most mornings, I’m up shortly after six, a good hour or more before Tawn begins to be stir-able.  And I cherish that quiet time.

I open the windows in the living room and enjoy the still cool weather.  I listen to the birds chirping, the sound of the building maids as they start sweeping the courtyard around the pool. 

It is a time for reading my Xanga subscriptions, reading the newspaper, making a list of what I want to focus on today.  While not meditation – something I’d like to try – it is meditative.

I love my mornings.

0 thoughts on “I Love My Mornings

  1. Sounds like a good way to start the day… I wish I was a morning person (like you appear to be.) Most mornings I drag my butt out of bed and pop the caffeine – I’m rather comatose until it’s kicked in. You painted a lovely picture of a morning for you, I could “see” it!

  2. I agree Chris…I enjoy my mornings too….although I am usually up earlier than you are…especially since our 13 year old dogs bladder likes to have a chance to head outside about 4 am!!! But I enjoy the quiet time…I read my emails…try and catch up on Xanga and Facebook and then I usually visit with Derek…half of the couple that we travel with every fall. He is an early riser too and we have had coffee together most mornings for about 15 years! I need to start having a morning quiet time and bible study …I have had that “good intention” for a while now…I need to act on it!!! That morning coffee looks YUMMY!!! Ruth AnnBy the way…we had Thai food for dinner tonight…there is a great Thai restaurant on this side of town…it was DELICIOUS!!!

  3. i love my mornings too. i love the peace and quiet; it’s a great way to start the day. unfortunately, my bf always has to have some kind of background noise — the radio, the tv, etc, but i usually only have to put up with it for about 30 minutes until he leaves for work and i can reclaim the morning quiet.

  4. I have shifted as I’ve gotten older. I used to be a morning person – in at work by 7:30 am and the first surgery prepped and ready to go by 8:00. To bed by 9:30 or 10 pm. Now I get to work by 8:30 and am up until 11 or even midnight… But I never have caffeine in the morning – just at lunch. Tonight I had pop at dinner and I’m not even slightly sleepy! Arggh!

  5. Well, I used to be a morning person. I would be at my desk between 7 to 7:30. I had a manager who started work around 4:30ish. But nowadays, it’s tough sleeping so I have a tough time waking up early. But when I do get up early, I enjoy the stillness of the city before it wakes up.

  6. It depends for me, there are times when I like to get up early and get moving and then there are times when I want to laze in bed as much as possible. Mostly, I am not a morning person.

  7. I’m not a morning person, but I have no choice because of the regular work schedule. I’d love to laze in bed during weekends, but my twins won’t let me. Good grief!!!zzz…

  8. It sounds like we have the same routine. I get to watch my squirrels scurry about while sitting on the porch drinking my coffee. It is a peaceful and quiet time. Oh, my owl gives a hoot too (sorry I could not resist.

  9. I’m up at 5:30. Do a bit of jogging around the neighborhood. Though jogging can be a tricky thing. I once got ticketed for running on the wrong side of the road and not making my turning signals when I was going to turn right or left.

  10. @The_Eyes_Of_A_Painter –  Are you serious? Ticketed for running on the wrong side of the road?@The_Eyes_Of_A_Painter –  Bad pun… ouch.@icapillas –  Children seem to be impatient to get up… and to make sure their parents are up, too! =D@yang1815 –  You seem to be up early and to stay up late, too.@Dezinerdreams –  Oh, I can believe that about you!@ElusiveWords –  I would imagine insomnia would make it tough to be a morning person.@lil_squirrel4ever –  I like Mondays, too.@jace1982 –  And ’tis a shame to waste a day as you can never get it back!@murisopsis –  If you were not working, do you think you would revert to more of a morning person orientation?@foggysunnymorning –  Kind of like a strike? I refuse to get up until the alarm rings! XD@marc11864 –  Okay, next time you’re here we’re meeting for Tai Chi at Lumpini Park at 6:30 am.@kunhuo42 –  Oh, that background noise thing doesn’t work for me at all. I love music but if it is going to be on, I want to be listening to it (or singing to it!) not just having it as background noise. That would be a tough 30 minutes for me…@Redlegsix –  Oh, glad to hear you have a good Thai place near you. I’m sure each meal brings back memories.@Passionflwr86 –  I’ve always been curious why people are very different that way. When I wake up, I can almost always get going very quickly. Tawn, on the other hand, even if he’s had a nice eight or nine hours, is a very slow starter.

  11. real hard work! impossible for me – I always curse why is that all things have to start in the mornings… once I did a night shift job – best part of my life…

  12. I am a morning person too. It’s a habit from childhood, where we would hear the call for prayer and wake up. So, that still is part of my life here. M sleeps till about eight. Sometimes he is so still in the morning, ( tired after the night of snoring) that I have to make sure he is breathing.

  13. I absolutely love the peace and quiet that is my house at just before 6am. It is me, a cuppa fresh-brewed coffee from my beloved Keurig, and Xanga until I wake the first round of kiddos at 6:30. On the very rare occasion that I oversleep and I do not get to begin my day with my quiet time, I really do feel it throughout the remainder of my day.

  14. @ZSA_MD –  I’ve had my worries about Tawn’s quiet breathing, too. Of course, half asleep, I panic and worry that maybe he died overnight! Imagine my relief when I finally hear another breath.@Living_Truly – Yes, I know that experience. If my morning schedule is thrown off, I feel like a whole slice of my day was missing.

  15. i’ve never been an early morning person but i get what you are saying about the quiet time one gets in the morning before things get hectic. this is why i enjoy my weekends, especially sundays, where i would make myself a pot of tea and enjoy it before i do anything else.

  16. yup! well, most of the time. i just like the moment of not having to do anything and just enjoy the little peace i could get before the day gets crazy.

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