Gray Salt Caramels

While connecting in Seattle last month on my way back to Bangkok, I did some shopping in the airport stores.  Seattle-Tacoma International has a surprisingly good collection of shops for a US airport.  While there, I decided to load up on specialties of the Pacific Northwest: cherries, smoked salmon, and gray salt caramels.


Seattle seems to be turning into a mecca for quality handcrafted chocolates.  My friend was the part owner of a shop there and I’ve read countless articles about other artisanal chocolate makers in the region.  Sadly, my friend’s chocolate shop is now out of business, but that didn’t stop me from picking up two boxes of these gray salt caramels in dark chocolate, made by Fran’s Chocolates.

Salt caramels were the “it” confection in 2010, I think.  Little delicate crystals of salt that contrast both in flavor and texture with the rich chewiness caramel inside.  It is a lovely combination.  I wonder what new combination will greet us this year?


0 thoughts on “Gray Salt Caramels

  1. There is a chocolate shop near my home. I have been there mmm several times lol.I find the chocolate with sea salt to be on the top of my list. I will certainl try all the items in the store to make sure of my choices

  2. @Wangium –  Actually, you may be right Jason. Bacon was a big thing in 2010, maybe I’m a bit behind on this salted caramel thing. What’s your prediction for the food trend of 2011?@lil_squirrel4ever –  No doubt there are some up Vancouver way, too.@TheCheshireGrins –  Twice the reasons to go, Meg. Actually, you would love Seattle, I’m sure.@ZSA_MD –  Oh, you simply must try them.@marc11864 –  Trying to provide you with what you need, even if it is what you can’t have, Marc.@Fatcat723 –  Oh, thank you for making the sacrifice and trying them all, Rob! =D@yang1815 –  I thought the picture turned out pretty nice for a point and shoot.

  3. I am in the midwest where trends arrive to die. It usually takes a year or longer for something like salted caramels to reach Indiana… I’m curious to try them. Maybe the next time I’m in Chicago…

  4. i’ve never had a salted caramel chocolate, but i have had salted caramel ice cream… quite delicious. i think the last few popular trends have been about mixing unusual flavor combinations, particularly sweet and salty — salted caramel, bacon and chocolate… i wouldn’t be surprised to see something else along this line of thought.

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