My Most Viewed YouTube Videos

While uploading a video to YouTube the other day, I discovered that I’ve posted 139 videos since March 2006.  That’s a crazy number!  Who knew I was so productive?  I guess that degree in Communication with an emphasis on TV production actually amounted to something.  What was more surprising is that a number of them have received a large number of views.  I thought you might be curious to know what the top ten most viewed videos are.

Rice Harvest in Central Thailand
Views: 18,429

This video is a short one filmed while I was out bicycle riding in Minburi, to the east of Bangkok.  I happened to ride past a paddy where they were harvesting rice with a combine and thought it was interesting.  It seems that several thousand other people thought so, too.

Amphawa Floating Market

Views: 16,474

While I recently posted a short video showing the view from the boats at the Amphawa Floating Market, this video above was the first one I made upon visiting the market.  Kind of a travelogue overview that, despite the low video quality, is well made.

Hong Kong Bus Ride

Views: 15,643

While I think the particular line is no longer in service, I filmed a short video of the twists and turns of one of the buses on Hong Kong Island.  Rather like a roller coaster!

Suvarnabhumi Airport Test Flight Part 1

Views: 10,631

In advance of the new airport’s official opening, I secured a ticket on an inaugural test flight.  This trip actually has three other segments that also were highly viewed: Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

Jack’s Traditional Thai House

Views: 10,180

While up in Ayutthaya Province we stopped by the house of a friend’s parents.  It is a traditional Thai house and very pretty, but why it managed to get 10,000+ views is beyond me.

Linger Performance Piece

Views: 9,479

Some performing arts students in Bangkok wrote and produced this performance piece about three female friends and their challenges.  I made a short video from it and it received a lot of views, probably from people searching for videos related to the song “Linger” from The Cranberries.

First Attempt at Making Pasta

Views: 9,142

The popularity of this video doesn’t surprise me.  Who doesn’t want to learn more about making pasta?

Tiger Temple Thailand
Views: 8,131

This temple in Kanchanaburi Province is popular with tourists and controversial among animal rights activists for alleged mistreatment of the tigers.  There were a number of comments that became heated as people threw around accusations.

Macarons Attempt 2

Views: 7,420

Like the attempt at making pasta, there were many people curious about baking macarons.  Lots of helpful advice given, too, some of which contradicted advice give by other commenters.

Erawan Waterfall

Views: 6,244

Thai tourist sites always do well among my videos as people search for images of sites they might go visit.  The Erawan Waterfall in Kanchanaburi Province is very beautiful and well worth a visit.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the videos.  I’ll return to more coverage of my Hong Kong trip tomorrow.


0 thoughts on “My Most Viewed YouTube Videos

  1. I had no idea that you had so many videos on You tube!!! I love the video of the Thai home in Ayuthaya…beautiful home!!! And I always enjoy listening to your commentary on any of your videos…you should be a travel guide!!!! Ruth Ann

  2. I forgot to mention that your first video…of the rice harvest…AGAIN shows how things have changed since we were living in Bangkok…whenever we went upcountry we saw them harvesting their rice…with Water Buffalo!!!

  3. I was always curious about the floating markets in Thailand. We weren’t brought to any by our tourist guide during our visit to Bangkok a few years before. Thailand is an interesting country. And I hope I can visit it again in the future. Thanks for sharing with us these videos. I enjoyed each of them very much.

  4. huh, i never knew you had so many youtube videos posted either. but speaking of visiting thailand, we hung out with my bf’s friend last night, who now lives and works in bangkok. maybe we’ll pull together a trip out that way sometime.

  5. @kunhuo42 – Would be fantastic to meet you in person, Aaron. I don’t know if your bf’s friend has been here long or established much of a social circle, but you’re always welcome to put him in touch with Tawn and me. We can always use more dinner guests! =D

  6. My favourite is the Floating Market one. We went to the one in Bangkok where all the tourists go but this one looks more interesting. I like the Tiger Temple video too. Quite amazing!

  7. @kunhuo42 – He probably knows plenty of people then!  =D@icepearlz – This market, the Amphawa market, is more geared towards Thais.  It is only on weekend evenings – Fridays, Saturday, and Sundays – and is just down the road from the more touristy morning market at Damnoen Saduak.@icapillas – @iskrak – The floating markets are an interesting feature of Thailand, although they all really are quite touristy, either for Thai tourists or foreign ones.@foggysunnymorning – Glad you enjoyed them.@Roadlesstaken – Another good ride is the #15 bus from the Admiralty MTR station (exit C1, I believe) up to Victoria Peak.@Redlegsix – Thank you for your kind words!  The buffalos are used in many areas but closer to Bangkok I think the landowners are more wealthy and can afford a combine.@murisopsis – Glad you enjoyed a ride down memory lane.  I’m tickled at some of the things I shot a few years back.

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