Your Action Needed to Overturn Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

For my friends in America, a brief request for your action:

The big Senate vote on repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, which will actually be a vote on invoking cloture on the Defense Authorization bill that contains it, will be on Tuesday.  Some senators who once supported DADT repeal are starting to flip-flop, making the outcome of the vote uncertain. 

Please take the time to contact your senators and let them know that it is time to repeal this discriminatory policy that serves only to undermine our soldiers and diminish troops readiness at a time when we can least afford it.  Military and defense leaders agree that DADT serves no rational purpose.

Thanks for making your voice heard and please share the news with your friends and neighbors.

0 thoughts on “Your Action Needed to Overturn Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

  1. I still can’t believe this is still an issue for discussion; such an obviously discriminatory policy hurts not only gays, but also the country as a whole! I hope to see it struck dead soon.

  2. @secade – Seems like its time is well past due.  Hopefully it goes away sooner rather than later and we look back and ask “What the heck were we thinking?” years from now.@ZSA_MD – @Fatcat723 – @Sinful_Sundae – @murisopsis – @Diva_Jyoti – @Roadlesstaken – Thanks, everyone.  My particular concern is that with mid-term elections looming, legislators who would otherwise do the right thing are going to retrench to “safer” (aka more cowardly) positions.  This is the time for them to stand up, not back down.

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