Beauty Literally Melts Away

In the aftermath of the May political protests and the two days of rioting and fires that followed, certain parts of the city showed the scars of this violence, despite efforts by business and civic leaders to clean up and put on a fresh face.  One area in particular where these scars still showed was the shops in the eastern section of Siam Square, a popular shopping destination in the heart of Bangkok.  Until just a few weeks ago – more than two months after the protests – this sign from a skin care clinic remained unreplaced.


I saw it while walking from the Siam Skytrain station and found it very evocative of the Buddhist teaching that everything is impermanent, our beauty as well as our bodies.

Just a week or so ago, I passed by again and noticed that the clinic has put a new sign up and is, it seems, back in business.  In this most Buddhist of countries, you can once again test the precepts of your faith and see if beauty can be made permanent.


0 thoughts on “Beauty Literally Melts Away

  1. I can’t understand the mentality of those who, being angry with their government or local council, decide the best way to go is to destroy the very environment they themselves have to live in !

  2. @Chatamanda – Well, it is a confusing situation.  In this case, the protesters were (for the most part) from upcountry and so the area they set about torching was not the area they have to live in.  But your point is still well-made.

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