Random Pics and the Puzzle Answer

Here are some random pictures I took while showing the Clevelands around.  These didn’t fit into the storyline so I saved them for a separate entry.  I hope you enjoy them.


And on the off chance that any of you attempted the crossword puzzle I posted yesterday, here are the answers:

Crossword Answers  


0 thoughts on “Random Pics and the Puzzle Answer

  1. I did not do the crossword puzzle last night. Was baby sitting and was tired after a full evening. My jaw just dropped at the size and the majesty of the lotus buds. wow. and here I am, I see my water lilies in the pond, and get excited. Beautiful black and white pics Chris.

  2. The rice picture looks delicious, and I have no idea what they did to it (what is on it?). The elephant obviously loves its hairstyle! Haha, You could probably come up with quite a random story if you tried to piece one together with just the pictures.A boat pulled a man from the dock, and ate him. Knowing the authorities would come looking, the boat docked itself to look like nothing happened. But a curious baby elephant saw the ordeal, and tried to tell the authorities when they arrived. They decided they didn’t like the elephant’s hairstyle and looked for clues instead. They found flowers. Two of them in fact, and was about to interrogate them but got hungry and went for rice. Then they go distracted by the pretty lights from those colorful bottles. Thus, the case was never solved.

  3. @AzureRecollections – That’s a creative interpretation of the pictures.  Umm… didn’t quite work out like that as the elephant had in fact pushed the man into the water in order to steal the boat, but not having opposable thumbs was unable to turn the ignition key.  Drat.  As for the rice picture, it is a rice cracker with a drizzle of melted palm sugar, a local specialty.@TheCheshireGrins – @CurryPuffy –  The syrups are used both for sno cones/shaved ices as well as sodas.@Dezinerdreams – Glad you enjoyed.@Finity – Yeah, the baby elephant was cute but I was especially interested in the pattern of the skin on its mother’s legs (in the background).@ZSA_MD – The bowl full of lotus was beautiful and I like how they fold back the outer petals to create the finished effect.

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