Saturday Cheesemaking

It is Saturday morning and I just finished baking two French batards.  They were supposed to be baguettes but my dough was too tight and I couldn’t stretch it out enough to make baguettes.

I think I’ll finally try making fresh mozzarella cheese today.  I’ve long wanted to try this and my aunt’s sister Jan gave me some citric acid and rennet during my last visit to the US.  My friend Ken, a retired American with the dream of having a small goat farm and making goat’s milk cheese up in the provinces of Thailand, will come over and give me some assistance.  We’ll see if this doesn’t just ruin his dream entirely!

Stay tuned for the results…


0 thoughts on “Saturday Cheesemaking

  1. I learned a new (same) word too! hahaGood luck! Btw, I think this might be your first post without a photo? If not, then at least in a long, long, long time.

  2. Cheese!!! (wiggles fingers in imitation of Wallace) I can’t wait for the results. Hope it is a success. Cheese and fresh baked bread *sigh* are heavenly.

  3. @iskrak –  i made it at home once before -i just made basic paneer cheese and used that as curd, it took a day cause i had to let the milk solids drain in the fridge overnight– i poured the liquid/solids through a cheesecloth so that retained all the solids, i think that’s what you could have done (rather than use a strainer~). then i tied the cheesecloth up, put it in a container, pressed it down with something heavy, let the liquids drain over night, and had the curd the next day!

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