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Last weekend I was up early, something I like doing, and enjoyed the quiet warmth of our living room as the sunlight made interesting patterns on the table and shades.  The house feels like my own special place in the mornings while Tawn is still asleep.  It is still.  The air is warm and humid but not yet so bad that I need to turn on the air conditioner.  In a few months it will be cool enough again to open the doors and windows.


Our house reflects Tawn’s taste and vision much more than it does mine.  Even so, he feels like he made numerous compromises, ending up with a space that doesn’t look like what he had in mind.  It is a nice home, I think, but a little too fussy for my tastes.  No wonder I’m in no rush to remodel the adjacent room that we bought – I want to avoid another clash in tastes!


For dinner one night I made a Grilled Chicken Pita Salad (although I broiled instead of grilled) from a recipe in Sunset Magazine.  It was a wonderful combination.  I also broiled some eggplant with a miso glaze, borrowed from one of Andy’s entries.  Not keeping a close eye on the oven, I managed to overcook the eggplant a bit.  They were still tasty, though.

I still subscribe to Sunset Magazine – “The magazine of Western living” – because it reminds me of Northern California, where I grew up.  The lifestyle, the cuisine, the focus on the outdoors – these are things that are kind of missing in my life here.  Maybe I should just accept that I’m somewhere else and adjust to the way life is here, but at the same time the lifestyle, etc. are very important parts of what I enjoy and value in my life.


0 thoughts on “Around Home

  1. I loved the salad. I wish i could get orintal eggplants here. I understand your feelings. I too get wistful about life in my own home far away. It has been more than four decades , and yet my life as I had it then and as I have it now, are totally different. But one supplements the other. I wish you much happiness in the life you have there Chris.

  2. Your food porn always makes me drool… I’m with you on the decorating, btw. It’s OK – but a bit too fussy… maybe if y’all re-did it in sleeker lines? Hm… makes me glad in a way that I don’t have to compromise on my own decorating schemes, yet.

  3. Nice stylish home! I like the colour scheme! It must cost extra to have the magazine mailed over to you? I think you have the best of both worlds here in the Big Mango! I wouldn’t mind being in your shoes actually, immersed in a nice foreign culture! ^0^

  4. I like the look you two compromised to achieve! True it is a little formal but there is nothing wrong with that. It has a good color scheme and is inviting. What more do you want? Plaid?!?! Just kidding – my husband is in love with plaid. When we got married we kept his living room furniture (plaid). When it was time to replace it, we ended up with plaid again. In our current house, he has picked out both sofas that have ended up in the family room… want to guess what they are covered in? hehe. So compromise is just part of saying you love someone – even if for me it is plaid and for you it is peach.

  5. @yang1815 – You should see the omelets!@Dezinerdreams – Thank you.@Wangium – He does, actually.  But since his job has more a more rigid schedule than mine, I have more energy and time to prepare meals.@murisopsis – That’s true.  Compromise is the way to say you love someone.  Otherwise you wouldn’t compromise at all.@CurryPuffy – One could argue that you ARE living in a foreign culture.  Isn’t LA its own universe!?  As for the magazines, the foreign subscription isn’t too bad because they mail it via ship.  It arrives a month or two late but that’s okay.@ElusiveWords – My style would be someting of a cross between an old boys’ club (overstuffed leather armchairs) and Japanese modern.@Passionflwr86 – Oh, no!  We’re not redoing anything anytime soon, thank you very much.  The first time was bad enough!  =D@PPhilip – Isn’t it?@ZSA_MD – Thank you for the nice words, Zakiah.  It is good to remember that I’m not the only one who has gone through such a relocation.

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