Thailand Politics Explained – Somewhat

P1020435An article that appeared in the New Straits Times provides a pretty accurate and impartial summary of the current political situation in Thailand and what has led to it.  It is consistent with several points I made the other that were raised at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club’s panel discussion.

Thailand’s poor have decided that docility is a thing of the past. They are angry and frustrated by the status quo and are clamouring for change.

In other prosperous democracies, the middle class provides the glue that holds society together. In Thailand, by contrast, the bourgeoisie, centred in Bangkok, is barely emerging as a social and political force.

Instead, for a half-century, an unspoken social contract among four broad groups has held Thailand together…

Full story here

0 thoughts on “Thailand Politics Explained – Somewhat

  1. Chris…I just finished reading the latest update on MSNBC…it doesn’t sound good at all does it? I hope that you and Tawn are staying close to home and that you aren’t venturing out again to take pictures. I can only imagine how your Mother felt as she saw how CLOSE you were to the action to get those picture that you posted!!! As I said before…it makes me sad that things are spiraling so far out of control in that beautiful country!! Stay safe!!!Ruth Ann

  2. Thank you for sharing, Chris. Just make sure not to stand to close to the crowd while taking photos, alright?I think the situation will get worse before getting better. Not a good idea to wear any colour tees nowadays in the Big Mango, particularly bold colours, I suppose?

  3. @CurryPuffy –  Now the Red Shirts are specifically not wearing red so they can get through police checkpoints into the protest area.@ElusiveWords –  You’re welcome.@choyshinglin –  Yeah, I learned my lesson on Thursday night when I missed the grenades by only an hour. No need for me to risk anything; I can borrow pictures from the internet if I need to illustrate.@Redlegsix –  Well, my mom didn’t say anything when we spoke on the phone this weekend. Probably biting her tongue!

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