Full Disclosure

Please pardon this brief interruption to my normal blog entries for this announcement.  A reader commented on my previous entry about Ugly Foreigners in Thailand to (politely and respectfully) criticize my choice of such a non-topical topic.  The reader also decried my lack of “typical nuance and insight” and compared my writing with something one could expect from Fox News.

While I welcome all readers and all constructive comments, I want to make one thing clear to all my readers: This blog exists as a way for me to keep family and friends informed as to my activities and observations as I live abroad.  In my role as a “private citizen” blogger, I make no claims or pretensions to being a journalist.  My choice of topics and my editorial judgment are mine as an individual and I reserve the right to choose whatever topics and to editorialize in whatever way I see fit.

With all due respect, we now return to my normal blog programming…


0 thoughts on “Full Disclosure

  1. Xanga is a safe place to express our opinions.  A breath of free air in the desert of censorship!  I guess some people can be overly sensitive.   I enjoy your blogs! 

  2. @yang1815 – Well, it might be hard to decide if you have a problem with it without reading it first.  =D@stevew918 – Thanks Steve.@TheCheshireGrins – What’s odder is that it the comment has lingered on my mind for several hours.  If I were a professional journalist or a columnist or something, I’d understand the feedback.  But I’m a private citizen, for goodness’ sake!  When did I have to start catering to an audience?

  3. I can’t see what that person’s comment was all about ! I found your entry very interesting – both comments and picture and I learned a couple of things about that part of the world that I didn’t know before, same applies to your other entries showing life in other parts of the world. I think it’s great that you provide insights into ‘all’ areas of life where you live or visit. That was just one person Chris, all your other readers comments were indicative of their appreciation and enjoyment of your efforts.

  4. I’m not really sure why anyone would expect you to write anything but what you wanted to write. Blogs are not journalism!!! And if they were, you write much better than anything on Faux News 🙂

  5. I had to look back to the previous entry to see what the comment was about. I am not too sure what the person was unhappy about, but I know that you have some level of fame when you get criticisms like that.Maybe I should stop commenting on your blog with my real xanga account so I don’t ever get linked. (Not interested in people who know me getting to my blog anymore…since I find it harder and harder to write stuff I want to talk about freely)Hahah……..

  6. Some readers on xanga have a chip on their shoulders about any and everything. They can go such an egg!!  I can’t stand that kind of criticism. I remember enjoying that particular post a lot.

  7. Wow. I never imagined that what I perceived as a honest question to Chris would generate such offense, distress and derision. But if someone as distinguished and respectable as ZSA_MD tells me to “suck an egg”, then I must have done something really bad. Maybe my wife is right when she calls me autistic.Therefore, I would like to apologize to Chris and his readers and promise not to post again. Chris, I truly admire you and your postings (both here and at A.net) and if I came across as disrespectful or demanding, please accept my apologies. I will remain a faithful, but silent, reader.

  8. I missed part one comment, but I see I’ve made it in time to see part two. Hmm. I like your posts and your food porn too… I hope you don’t lose any sleep over this. I’d just let it go and forget about it – just keep doing your thing.

  9. @BR_fan – Thank you for your follow-up comment.  As I wrote at the top of this entry, your feedback to me was both polite and respectful, and I do appreciate that.  Dr. Zakiah’s comment that you should suck an egg in no way reflects my opinion and, knowing her, I’m sure was meant playfully.  My purpose in sharing this feedback with my readers in general is to set a clear expectation that this is my own personal blog and that I reserve the right to choose topics and to editorialize as I see fit.  The last thing I desire is to feel any pressure to meet the expectations of those who read this blog.  You are most welcome to comment anytime you wish; I just want all of us to know where I’m coming from as a blogger.  Best regards.

  10. Your post was entirely appropriate. I am not much of a world traveler, but when I was years ago I will admit to being embarrassed and disgusted by the rude and totally inappropriate behavior of some of my fellow citizens. I felt like either apologizing to the locals or picking up the nearest blunt object and beating some sense into these idiots.

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