0 thoughts on “You Don’t Like Panini?

  1. I read it and drooled. and commented. Maybe there are food snobs that turn their noses up at anything so “common” as a sandwich… but these are anything but common or coarse – I’d line up for one!!

  2. i LOVE panini. i was going to leave a comment on that panini blog of yours but opted to leave a comment on a much serious topic instead – the protests. fyi, your food porn made me hungry and i can only wish you were here to make me some of those panini. so, which one of the combinations did you personally like better?

  3. Iread it, commented on it, and really marvelled at your versatility in doing everything so well. May be everyone else had gone out to get the different kinds of bread and the vegs!!! I liked the answer above from stepaside_loser. He thought Panini sounded rude. ha ha ha.

  4. @Wangium – That’s a great way to be.  Especially the alive part.@epiginoskete – @ZSA_MD – @Umnenga – Thanks for the explanations.  My apologies if it sounded like I was whining; I was just surprised by the number of readers…@rudyhou – Well, come for a visit and I’ll make you a panini here.  I think the roasted peppers, pesto, and mozzarella is such a perfect combination.  It trumps all the others!

  5. Okay, here is another comment to add to your food porn list.  I prefer, however, photos of you and Tawn having fun and seeing sights.Hope Hong Kong continues to be fun.Love,A

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