Repost: Real Love and Real Friendship on Xanga

While I often recommend entries that I think others might enjoy, I cannot remember a recent time when I’ve read an entry that so effectively articulated my own thoughts about friends on Xanga versus friends in real life (IRL) that I was compelled to repost it. 

Michael (arenadi) wrote just such an entry on Monday.  It had 100 recommendations by the time I read it and I encourage you to read it, too.  Here’s a teaser:

Have you ever had a conversation with someone IRL about an “Online Friend”?

Most of us have had our IRL friends and family tell us that our online friends aren’t real friends. 

They discount that there are real people out there behind the online personalities we interact with.  And that the people “out there on the internet” can’t possibly love or care as IRL friends can; nor can online friends know us as well as real-life friends can.  They tell us building relationships, regardless of whether platonic or romantic, is impossible via the online world.

I have always disagreed with that.  And as many of you witnessed here on Xanga this past Friday night, my point was proven in practice.

Read the rest of the entry here.

0 thoughts on “Repost: Real Love and Real Friendship on Xanga

  1. I had just got back to my site from Arenadis then saw your ‘repost’. I rec’d it too, thought it was a great example of an online community coming together to support someone.

  2. wow, that is an amazing story! i always knew xanga was something special, but i never realized how strong of a community it really is until now.

  3. i’m in total agreement with you and mike. there are times when you just can’t say everything you wish to say in real life, and this is where it really helps to let it out in writing. i’m just grateful that there are those out there whom never knew me in real life but still willing to share a thought or two in response to my writings. sometimes you get to learn a person better by what they share in words. these people may not know you in real life but they are REAL people and this makes them REAL friends.

  4. @rudyhou – That’s a very succinct way to put it.  They are real people and that makes them real friends.@Wangium – It is certainly a good way to find people who have common interests and values.@lcfu – And you’re cross-posting how many other places, too?  =D@kunhuo42 – So now you know, Aaron, that if you need to have an existential crisis, we’re here for you!  Of course, I hope you don’t have that need… but just in case.@ZSA_MD – And you’re one of the big hubs of the Xanga family, I think much like you are with your family and community in real life.@ElusiveWords – Considering that I have more frequent and deeper interactions with people on Xanga than I do with many of my long-time friends…

  5. our online friends are definitely comparable to irl friends. some of my life-long and closest friends i’ve met through xanga, esp after we’ve met..

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