Can it be ten years already?

Perhaps all couples deal with the confusion about what dates are important to celebrate in their relationship.  For married couples, the date of marriage is the paramount anniversary.  There are other dates, too.  First meeting, first date, first kiss, etc.  Since Tawn and I only recently married, we’ve long used January 3rd as our anniversary as this is the date we first met.

The whole story about how we met – and I think it is a compelling one that should be turned into a screenplay – is located here.  I won’t repeat it in this entry – you can read it at your leisure as I know many of you have.  But I would like to note that it has been ten years – ten years! – since that day.  Ten years finds us in the same city where we spent our first few days together, so perhaps that is telling.

After recently completing my project of having all my old 35mm negatives scanned, I came across the first picture of Tawn and me together.


That’s us on January 4, 2000 in historic Ayutthaya, the former capital of old Siam.


Here’s us two days ago, January 1st 2010.  No, the baby isn’t a recent addition to our family!  We ran into some friends during brunch who just gave birth to their first daughter, Lada.  Notice any changes?  I think Tawn looks as handsome as ever!

Happy anniversary Tawn!


0 thoughts on “Can it be ten years already?

  1. Wow, 10 years! :)I just read through the story of how you guys met. And now I know where you get your awesome Thai hospitality πŸ™‚

  2. happy anniversary to you guys!! you two hardly look like you’ve aged through the ten years.. must have been an extremely happy ten years ;] im gonna read thru how u & tawn met now!!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!  That was by far one of the most romantic “how we met” stories I’ve read so far! =)  And both of you look just as handsome, if not more, as you guys did 10 years ago!

  4. Bon Anniversaire! How cool! I need to find my first photo with the bf. :o) But alas, I think I ate that Kenny quite awhile back…I am now (2) Kenny’s. Sigh…

  5. Happy Anniversary!!! 10 years…that is an accomplishment in todays world of revolving relationships!! Congratulations and …I think that you both have aged very well!!

  6. Wow, Chris. I went back and read the two posts you linked to, and I must say, they brought a big smile to my face reading them. Your story is wonderfully inspirational. Heartwarming, even. Hearing stories like this make me believe just a little bit more that there is such a thing as fate, and that it conspires to bring about events or opportunities in our lives which we must seize.I wonder, what your life would be like now if you had not decided to stand up and ask about kickboxing.Not the smoothest line ever, but ten years later, look at what that question brought about.Happy 10 years, and may you have another happy 10 years to come.

  7. @Roadlesstaken – @alextebow – @Redlegsix – @Dezinerdreams – @murisopsis – @lil_squirrel4ever – Did I mention to profusion of botox places here in Bangkok?  =D  Nah, just kidding.  Thanks for the kind words.@moz_nr709644 – @XAngelExpress31X – @ZSA_MD – @ungrandvoyage – @TheCheshireGrins – @Rm2046 – @TJs_Lady – @piyapong – @agmhkg – @choyshinglin – @epiginoskete – @zozoyork – @Mabel – Thanks everyone, I hope there are many more decades to come.@arenadi – @iskrak – Do I believe in fate?  Actually, bursting the romantic bubble our meeting story creates, I don’t believe in fate.  There are any number of coincidental meetings in this world, any of which could develop into something more.  It is a matter of the right circumstances and conditions as well as the right efforts by the people.  It is kind of like growing vegetables, actually.@kenpcho – You’re a cute guy regardless of size, Kenny.  Cheer up!@yang1815 – Neither of which you can imagine us without these days…@ElusiveWords – Oh, the hair was gone long before I met Tawn, Matt.

  8. Happy Anniversary! Emily didn’t believe that the man wearing glasses was truely her Uncle Chris. She said that she recognized Uncle Tawn but Uncle Chris does not wear glasses.

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