No Hong Kong for Christmas

The big plans for Christmas this year were a long weekend in Hong Kong, since Christmas falls on a Friday and Gary, W and Eric were going to be there from LA.  To top it off, Aaron was going to be there, too, and Angel as well.  What a perfect time to meet up with everyone.  Sadly, it won’t be happening.

Tawn’s managing director decided that no more unpaid leave would be approved for the rest of the year.  It seems that twelve paid vacation days a year aren’t enough for Tawn, considering that we burned through those in the first six months of the calendar.  So we had to squash plans for our Hong Kong trip, postponing it until April.

The upside is that our friend and former roommate Stephanie is in town from Melbourne and had we gone to Hong Kong, we would have had to leave her to her own devices for a long weekend.  Now we’ll be able to enjoy spending time with her through her entire holiday here in the Land of Smiles.


Rather oddly, the maintenance people here at the condo erected two Christmas trees on either side of the swimming pool, extension cords for the lights taped down along the terra cotta tiles.  It is very pretty just after sunset when the lights are on.


We’ve set up our own Christmas tree, too, something we do some years and not others.  It is an artificial tree, of course, and one that I think looks particularly artificial.  In fact, there is a point where the whole thing becomes a bit of a caricature of the holiday tradition since neither Tawn nor I really celebrate Christmas.  I think we put the tree up some years more as a decorative item than anything else.

The plan is to call the nieces on Christmas Eve their time and report that, since Thailand is some 13 hours ahead of Kansas City, Santa has already arrived here and has said that he is heading their way.  Let’s keep that childhood innocence alive as long as possible.


0 thoughts on “No Hong Kong for Christmas

  1. Awww too bad you and Tawn couldn’t go to HK and meet up with Gary and W and Aaron. I would be sad too. But I am glad you will be seeing Stepahnie. Have a very merry Christmas, or holiday, or whatever you want to celebrate. We don’t either, but we will get together with my daughter’s family and another couple on Friday and just chill out.

  2. too bad…I am actually packing my bags to HKG while reading this…anyway Happy Holiday… and hope will meet up with you guys soon…maybe in BKK as well?

  3. Too bad about the vacation plans. There is at least a silver lining! So sweet to want to keep the magic alive for the neices. What softies – when they finally discover the truth you’ll probably be the one most disappointed. hehehe.

  4. Is Hong Kong a regular Christmas destination? The reason I ask is because it seems as if many people I know are headed there for Christmas, and I’m not really sure why.Too bad your HK plans didn’t work out; but I think things like this happen for good reason.I haven’t had a Christmas tree up in about five years.And it’s very cute that you’re calling about Santa heading their way 🙂

  5. @CareyGLY –  Well, in some fairness to his boss, employees have been abusing the pay without leave policy. Unfortunately, Tawn was just caught up in a crackdown to impose some consistency.@secade –  True. We’ll always have Hong Kong…@Wangium –  Strange but true.@TheCheshireGrins –  Well, I grew up in the SF Bay Area so I’m not used to a white Christmas anyhow, but it is definitely a little odd to be experiencing “chilly” temps in the high 70s during the holiday season.@yang1815 –  I have to figure out how record that call.@arenadi –  It is a nice place to spend the holidays. Decorated, vibrant, cool weather but not cold. Good food and shopping.@oldpartner –  Yep, almost all the ornaments are from childhood, many of which were made by Grandma and Grandpa.@murisopsis –  That’s the truth. The real fun is for the adults. I think the children figure it out much earlier but keep up the ruse just for the benefit of their parents.

  6. How the heck did I miss this post? I thought I commented? It’s too bad Tawn wasn’t able to get time off. But April is just around the corner. I can’t wait for your HKG video blogs.

  7. @ElusiveWords – Sometimes the posts slip by us.  Yes, April isn’t that far away, but there will be plenty to blog about before then.  It looks like there may be another US trip this summer, possibly July.  Am considering a stop in Toronto if that becomes the case.

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