Good news.  My doctor arrived this morning about 9:30, very impressive for her day off.  After reviewing the chest xray from yesterday she is satisfied that the infection is largely gone.  I’m to be released by about 1:00 this afternoon after paperwork, etc. are complete.  She has prescribed me a course of antibiotics to continue taking after my release with a followup appointment and chest xray this coming Friday.

Thanks for all your patience and well-wishes this week.  Regular programming will resume tomorrow.


0 thoughts on “Released

  1. One question…do you get another of those impressive meals before you leave??? I want to go to Bangkok the next time I need to go in for a hospital stay!!! lol  I am glad you are doing take it easy once you get home….and get back to 100%Ruth Ann

  2. Yayyyyy! Good to hear Chris. I am glad you’re doing much better. It is probably because of cutting the preservatives like vinegar that you’ve cut from your diet.

  3. @stebow –  I keep holding my breath to avoid getting into trouble again but it doesn’t work!@Wangium –  I don’t have a problem, I keep telling you. I can stop any… time… I… oh, look, a new comment!@marc11864 –  So it isn’t the absence of the espresso machine that is the root of my problems, it is the lack of preservatives?@WilldrawsRainbows –  Sorry, I wasn’t clear. Follow up with the doctor at her office at the hospital. Doctors here don’t do home visits normally.@jandsschultz –  @ZSA_MD –  Yes, ma’am.@ElusiveWords –  “Patience” in terms of people getting tired reading about the hospital and illness. Time for new topics.@ungrandvoyage –  @murisopsis –  @choyshinglin –  @onmovement –  @agmhkg –  @Dezinerdreams –  @yang1815 –  @kunhuo42 –  @everyday_yogi –  @CurryPuffy –  @lil_squirrel4ever –  @brooklyn2028 –  @TheLatinObserver –  @TheCheshireGrins –  Thanks, everybody. It means a lot to know there are people out there thinking (positively) of you.@Redlegsix –  Ruth Ann, for my final meal (Sunday breakfast) I mixed things up and ordered Japanese food. I took a picture and will have to blog about it because it was the most horrendous meal of my entire visit and one of the worst excuses for Japanese food I’ve ever seen!

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