Balloon Art World Challenge

Recently, the Balloon Art World Challenge was held at Central World Plaza.  One evening while we were there, I snapped some pictures.  Pretty creative work, I think.

A large green dragon chases a samurai.

Japanese dolls.

Chinese lions and a lucky dragon.

Marilyn by Warhol.

Another dragon takes over the stage.

Model wearing a balloon dress.

Tawn and Piyawat.


0 thoughts on “Balloon Art World Challenge

  1. Matt described my feelings pretty succinctly. Man! That model in the balloon dress has to feel so uncomfortable, and so scared that one or two might pop in not appropriate areas.

  2. hahaha i love matt’s comment! funny thing, there is a balloon sculpture hanging in the convention center where i’m attending a conference; it’s in the shape of a jellyfish.

  3. I can still remember the shopping mall used to be so dark and unappealing before the renovation. It’s nice that we can access the mall through a waking skybridge now. The balloon art challenge was very creative!

  4. @moptoplop –  After the convention? There are tons of people running around with high-pitched, squeaky voices.@yang1815 –  @ElusiveWords – I actually said that while there taking pictures. A pin or a straw and some spit-balls.@murisopsis – Sitting down would be all squeaky.@epiginoskete –  You know how sometimes a song just jumps into your head?@ZSA_MD –  Being Thai, I’m sure she has something on underneath to protect her dignity. Hopefully…@onmovement – Well, I’d be pretty freaked out to wear any dress, but a balloon dress would really be too much to handle. Wouldn’t flatter me in the least.@choyshinglin – That was my favorite, too.@kunhuo42 – Oooh, that would be cool to see.@CurryPuffy – They nearly doubled the size and reworked the mall so it is light and spacious now. There’s a very good Lao restaurant we’ll take you to next time we’re there.

  5. Wow, very cool. I’m guessing this is one day only? I mean, being that balloons tend to deflate and/or get popped? Interesting though, I’ve never seen anything like this before.

  6. @chow@ireallylikefood – I think it was a weekend or longer.  Maybe they use something other than helium or some different type of balloon that doesn’t leak as much?@yang1815 – You know how those balloon artists are.  They were all a bunch of D&D geeks back in middle school.  (Which begs the question, why am I not a balloon artist today?)@TheCheshireGrins – I can only imagine how much time it took and the frustration they felt each time a balloon popped.  “D’oh!!!”@WilldrawsRainbows – And if they can make a dress, why not an entire wardrobe?  =D  Thanks for your comment and subscription.

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