Live from Quincy

It is late and I haven’t the energy to go into a lot of detail.  Suffice it to say that this afternoon and evening with Zakiah and Mohammed was fantastic and I ate… very… well…


There are lots of pictures, many things to share and lots of video.  Yes, if ever you wanted Dr. Zakiah to star in her own cooking show, you will have your wish fulfilled, with all of the wit and charm you’ve come to expect from her!

I return to Kansas City Friday morning.


0 thoughts on “Live from Quincy

  1. @Dezinerdreams – I don’t think I’ve ever eaten better.  Also enquired about the license plate, as you suggested.  What a cute story!@ZenPaper – Yes, you’ll get the opportunity to read about the visit from two perspectives.  It is very cool when these virtual connections become real ones.@alextebow – @curry69curry – Yes, I have a lot of material to pour through.@iso_whiteSnow – I’ll get into some detail about the food soon.  It was amazing.@yang1815 – Yes!

  2. So glad you were able to meet Dr. Zakaih in person. She has such insightful commentary to your blog posts. It is amazing how our world can connect with wonderful people with just a little extra effort.

  3. Thank you Chris. My regret is that you couldn’t stay longer. But I am hoping you will keep your promise and return sometime soon.

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