Into the New Space

This weekend we moved into the studio.  Basically, everything in our second bedroom/office was hauled over there.  It has only been two days, but already the move is having some noticeable impact.

Above, almost everything has been moved out of the old office / future dining room.

The biggest change is that since the units are physically separated, with a concrete wall between them and two different front doors, we seem to be experiencing our own very distinct sense of separation now.  Beforehand, even if I was working on one room and Tawn was in another, there was still the sense of being in the same space, being able to call out and ask a question, knowing that the other person is inhabiting the same area.

Now, it is as if the other person isn’t around at all.  Sunday evening, a few hours after the move, Tawn came over to the “annex” (as we’re calling the studio) where I was working on the computer, looking kind of bored and lonely – a look that I’ve come to learn means, “I’m feeling disconnected from you.”

It takes time to get used to a new space and we’ll still be shuffling things around until we get settled into the new configuration, but I’m curious to see how this plays out.  I suspect that there may be some issues associated these being two separate units.  While we don’t have the funds to do a full remodel of the annex, I’m sure we could knock a door in the wall between the two units if necessary.

Interesting how the physical space we inhabit can have such an impact on us, isn’t it?


A few shots of the “remodel,” which took all of one day of the handyman working on a few things.  Above, the laminate on the bathroom vanity in the annex had started splintering and peeling away because of humidity.  We had it removed, sanded, and new laminate applied.  Eventually, the entire bathroom will undergo a remodel.  Heck, the entire unit will undergo a remodel one of these years.

Below, some previous owner thought it would be artsy to have an opening (with a pipe running through it) between the bathroom and the rest of the living space.  Another previous owner installed a large mirror in the bathroom to block the space, giving bathroom users some privacy.  We asked the handyman to add a frame and drywall to the space, so it now looks like a regular wall.


Before we moved into the new unit, I shot some video of the old unit, a virtual tour.  I’ll try to get that edited before I head to the US and share it with you.


Meanwhile, walking home from the ramen shop the other day, I passed this ice cream vendor.  There are lots of vendors who ride around on these tricycles, selling ice cream, beverages, brooms, and other things.  What are your guesses as to the flavor of ice cream he sells?  (Answer below.)


Our rainy season weather has turned interesting.  We’re getting slightly cooler weather and after an evening of rain, the skies are bright blue the following morning.  These big fluffy clouds, starting white but turning grey, move in as lunchtime arrives, building up until the rains start again in the late afternoon.


I find the clouds fascinating as they are very tall.  Watching them float through the sky, I’m reminded of some Miyazaki film.  Hard to believe they aren’t sentient beings!

Answer: coconut

0 thoughts on “Into the New Space

  1. I wonder if you could install a speaker system of some sort so that the two of you could talk even if you were in the “annex”?? Maybe that would help a little!!!

  2. i really like all of the miyazaki films. they’re great!the negative space of that cloud picture looks like the outline of thailand.

  3. that cloud picture is gorgeous!  i know how tawn feels…..sometimes i enjoy just looking at my husband watch t.v. so i’m on the laptop while he’s watching t.v….we’re not talking but we still feel connected because of the physical closeness.

  4. I was thinking maybe something like baby monitors =)  But some people above already beat me to it!Your picture reminds me of the stands in China when I was back there–so many ice cream novelties!!  I was 13 and my cousin would buy me one after the other–it was so funny.And so strange about the clouds–I coincidentally mentioned them in my post as well!!

  5. i say knock down part of the wall! i would hate being disconnected too; if i’m home, i want to be in my home, not sequestered away from everything else (besides, that mean having to travel farther to get to the fridge for snacks ;). hmm… i’m not a fan of coconut ice cream, but i do miss some of the more unusual and hard-to-get flavors like red bean or ube.

  6. I love the clouds also.They are fascinating and I love staring at them. Poor Tawn. I like coconut icecream second to Pistachio, tuttifrutti dolce da leche and praline&cream. lol. oh and vanilla.

  7. I guess I’m in the minority here. If the primary function of the space is meant for work then leave it separated. I know when we provide guidance to employees who work from home, we always stress that the space be as physically separated as possible. Employees who have children are cautioned not to work out of their kitchen or dining room. Over time, I’m sure you’ll find a way to adjust and maybe Tawn won’t feel so disconnected. I’m sure he’ll also have some ideas. Maybe have a 10 minute break or something every hour or so?

  8. Those clouds are beautiful! They do look quite Miyazaki-esque :)Hopefully it will just take a little bit of time to get used to the new space and then everyone will be happy again.

  9. coconut ice cream. Well, we have a hispanic man who sells stuff here. It’s a good business ,too.  They have all different things -tamales and ice creamI’m sure you’re busy getting ready for the trip to the U.S. and getting married. It would be hard to plan though being over there?

  10. @ElusiveWords – The challenge is, it is primarily a work space during the day (when Tawn is at the office and I’m working from home) but it is also functions as our TV/living room in the evenings.  That’s where it gets a bit tricky.  For example, this evening Tawn came home from work and was feeling under the weather so he went to lay down in bed.  I was finishing up a project for work and then took care of some editing for a personal project.  But I’m not easily accessible for Tawn in case he needs anything.  I can detach my laptop from the monitor and go work over in the main house, but that’s kind of a pain and on top of it, other documents and tools I need will still be in the annex.

  11. @iso_whiteSnow – What have you been smoking?  =)@Wangium – They look Victorian by design.  Very much an attempt to emulate the SF look and feel that we’re fond of.  Without the drafty, 100-year old construction.  @stebow – We’ll see.  I mean, we have mobile phones so he can text message me, right?@MAXIMO – Good observation, Max!  I hadn’t noticed it before you mentioned it, but indeed it does.@Dezinerdreams – Yeah, he’s cute like that.@XXKimPossibleXX – It is that way when I go visit my grandparents.  They continue doing all the same things (including dozing on the sofa) that they always do even when I’m there.  I finally realized that it isn’t that they want to chat with me or visit all day; they just want to know I’m around.@lil_squirrel4ever – Baby monitors seems to be a popular answer… =)@kunhuo42 – Durian!  Rose apple!  Rice!  Mangosteen!  We have all sorts of interesting flavors here…@ZSA_MD – Would it be easier just to list the flavors you don’t like?  =D@TheCheshireGrins – No doubt, once we get adjusted then things will be smooth again.@Jillycarmel – Thankfully, this is going to be the lowest-key wedding in history.  Just one step shy of eloping, so minimal planning!

  12. I guess until the wall between the unit comes down – maybe a webcam? But both of you will need a PC on at all times. I like the idea of those walkie talkies.

  13. Haha~~I guessed correctly, must be some tropical flavours, such as coconut, or pineapple or mango!I think eventually, you guys will knock out the wall and install a doorway between the units. As for now, why not install a webcam so you two can see each other and not feeling so far away! LOL

  14. @christao408 – yes, ours was at the courthouse so I know it has to be better then that. my first marriage was in the church and this time I actually married another catholic so this one should have been the one at the church but he said it didn’t matter even though it was his first and he was already in his 40’s.

  15. Coconut is not my favorite (understatement) Too bad it wasn’t mango… I have to wonder what the former tenants were thinking when they put the window into the bathroom. At least someone had a little sense when they installed the mirror. Always an adjustment with new living spaces. A cement wall is a good fire break but hard to knock an opening for a doorway. I’d go with the walkie-talkies.

  16. @ElusiveWords – We’re a pretty wired family.  Most evenings both laptops are on.  If you want to take note of my bet, I predict that before year’s end there’s a door in the wall.@curry69curry – Webcam is a good idea but the angle is so narrow – only works if you’re in front of the computer.  Need the whole house to be webcammed so we can see each other all the time.  Hmm… kinky…

  17. @Jillycarmel – Well, we’re doing the courthouse, too, so guess we’ll be about equal there.@murisopsis – There was a hotel I stayed in once that had a window in the bathroom, looking out into the bedroom.  Never understood what they were thinking when it was designed that way.@Justin_DeBin – Yes, they say something like that… =D

  18. Maybe you could put a glass door (French doors?) to give you a bit of privacy and reduce the noise when you’re working. The other idea I had was inspired by your airconditioning repair men. Maybe you could hop across the AC unit to get back to the main unit.

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