Back in the Kitchen

It has been a while since I’ve done a food entry (yeah, maybe a whole week!) and there’s plenty that’s been cooking.  In fact, I’ve been preparing food at home more often lately, on account of a couple of factors. 

First, Tawn has been getting home from work late, so it feels too late to go out for food.  Second, I’ve been working more in the evenings recently because of a couple of big projects, so I don’t want to take so much time away from the office.  Finally, I prefer to cook our food, that way I have so much more control over what goes into it.

So, what’s been cooking?  Here’s a selection of recent items.


Grilled pork chops with a cumin-paprika-chili powder rub.  Side of mashed potatoes, homemade applesauce, and stir-fried asparagus with garlic.


Cook’s Illustrated had this recipe for “easy” chicken tikka masala.  The tomato and cilantro sauce was nice.  The chicken could have marinated a bit longer in the yogurt mixture.  Served with mixed rice and a spinach and ricotta cheese bake.


A recent loaf of bread came out kind of funny.  I think it looks like an alien!


Pizza pie is always a quick and easy meal.  There are usually a few servings of pizza dough wrapped and stored in my freezer.  This one had salami, roasted red bell peppers (easy when you use the broiler as the oven is pre-heating for the pizza), mushrooms and fresh basil.

P1170403 P1170406

A fun dessert: free-form apple tart using store-bought puff pastry dough and two types of apples.  Toss them in a little maple syrup and cinnamon, add some cornstarch, and then sprinkle some ground walnuts on top.


Finally, after the latest Martha Stewart Living had some pictures of various hamburger recipes, Tawn asked for some.  So I made a pork-chicken burger with Italian spices, with avocado and tomato.  Quite… er, vertical.

0 thoughts on “Back in the Kitchen

  1. wow, I hope I never marry someone who is such an artitistic chef like you …I would end up Gi-normous.  But it’s fun to read your posts!  I love these picture posts…hey why not come read my latest picture post about ordering food in Australia?

  2. Food porn! Yay. The chicken tikka masala looks yummy, in fact it all looks good execpt for the (icky face) asparagus. And the bread does not look like an alien, it looks like a ginormous pollen grain.

  3. Oh wow… I should start keeping some pizza dough in my freezer. I can only spend about an hour to cook. Did you have to dislocate your jaw to eat the burger?

  4. Yum looks like you are eating good at your house. I love to cook and got on a cooking kick for the last few weeks now need to back off or will be big as a house. These look so good will try some of them. Judi

  5. I ususlly add some lime or vinegar to the chicken while marinating it for the tikka. That makes the meat a little more juicy and tender I think. Every dish looked really yummy Chris.I am going to try the dessert.

  6. @free2chuze – Yeah, when I shop, most of the basket is filled with fresh veggies.  Meat is a nice accompaniment, but I’m always curious to taste what is fresh and in season.  Of course, in a tropical country it seems like the same things are always in season!

  7. @Loonsounds – Checked it out; wonderful post and I look forward to stories about more of your experiences in Australia.@ZSA_MD – Lime juice would have been perfect.  I’m hoping to have the opportunity to learn more of the secrets from your kitchen!@onmovement – Oh, gosh (blushing), they don’t look that good…@jassmine – Something interesting, Judi, is that I’ve found that when I cook for myself, I don’t eat as much.  It is either because I’m using more whole foods… or because I’m snacking while I cook!  LOL@ElusiveWords – For the pizza dough, yes, you should.  Totally easy to throw a dinner together.  As for the jaw dislocation, I actually threatened to take a picture of Tawn as he made like a python and tried to take a bite of the whole burger!@murisopsis – Not an asparagus lover, eh?

  8. does all your food look so good? I like to read cook books while he watches t.v. and I say,”peach porkchops.” he says read the recipe to me ; it’s my trick and he likes to cook.

  9. My mouth is absolutely watering now.  I hate you.  No, I mean, I love you, and am just insanely jealous of Tawn, who gets to sample every mouth-watering creation!  That pizza is just what I have been wanting.  The bread is perfect for me, as I like it on the brown side.  Thanks for sharing!  Love you.

  10. @yang1815 – @mOoShimAnGo – Would you believe the avocados are almost $2 for a small Haas?  They come from the north side of Australia.  But they are a really nice treat.@TheCheshireGrins – Thank you.  They were tasty.@Jillycarmel – I only post pictures of the things that turn out nicely.  Selective censorship!  =)  I like your technique – “Hey, honey, can you cook this for me?”  Wait a minute, that’s how Tawn duped me into making hamburgers!@Wangium – I’ve never had hot cumin.  It is one of my favorite all-purpose seasonings as it adds a lot of flavor and fragrence.@albertmoore – Always nice to have you visit.  Hope to see you in August.

  11. yes, it’s a trick that works. He said this morning that he was thinking about that Mexican Cowder recipe I read him last night sounded good -did I made a copy of it. lol

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