Three Dots

One of the blog rings I subscribe to is “I Bring My Camera Everywhere” – and I really do, because life in the Big Mango seems to afford so many picture-perfect opportunities.  Here are a few of the recent examples.

A reader once criticized me of trying to impose my Western standards on Thai culture, when I expressed amazement that a worker who was using a backhoe to tear up a street curb, let his toddler child play on the adjacent sidewalk with no apparent concern to the child’s welfare – especially his hearing!

Along the same subject line, I was bemused to watch a painter touch up the corner of a building adjacent to Thong Lor BTS Skytrain station, standing on a folder chair that was perched precariously on a  scaffolding, atop a concrete overhang above the sidewalk.


There just seems to be safer ways to get to that “hard-to-reach” corner that needs a dollop of pain.

. . .

Thais have a wonderful sense of humor and are surprisingly tolerant of “adult entertainment” venues, despite an otherwise conservative Buddhist moral code.  I was tickled when I was stuck in traffic a recent rainy morning and looked across the street to see this “massage” parlor – pictures of the massage providers displayed in the glass case outside the front door.


The name of the venue?  If you transliterate it, it would be spelled “p-i-m-p”.  Any questions about the type of adult entertainment you might be able to find there?

. . .

They say the world economy is going to hell in a handbasket and Thailand’s along with it.  The words is that Starbucks has had to close hundreds of locations across the globe due to declining demand for premium coffee beverages.

I’m happy to report that after lunch on a recent afternoon, the Starbucks in the lobby of All Seasons’ Place on Witthayu Road was jam-packed.


It was one of the busiest Starbucks I’ve seen in a long while and while there were several farang, you’ll be glad to hear that the majority of customers were Thai, who are quickly chasing after the Americans’ girth.

. . .

Speaking of Starbucks, Tawn and I stopped for a coffee at the Ploenchit Center location after lunch the other day.  He ordered a drip coffee and the manager insisted that he try one of their new blends.  So she brewed a fresh pot and gave him a sample in this cute little cup.


You all know that Tawn just loves cute little things like this.  (It is a surprise we didn’t return from Japan with more cute little things in our bags!)  I’m just amazed that he didn’t put up a fight when the Starbucks manager took the cup back from him.

Happy middle of the week!


0 thoughts on “Three Dots

  1. I like the pink umbrella shot.I like those candid shots, but I feel weird for capturing photo of strangers. Sometimes they would mind if they notice.

  2. @stevew918 – Instead of looking at the content, look between the content.  If that fails, Google “three dot journalism”.  =)@curry69curry – Always busy there, too. Did you know there is another location on the second floor in the adjacent Emporium Suites building?  It has a nice view of the park.@zozoyork – That’s why you need a handy, yet good quality, point and shoot!  For those everyday situations.@Wangium – They might, although if they see me I smile and wave.  If they growl at me, then I don’t publish the picture.

  3. i love starbucks 🙂 in particular the Japanese starbucks. but not so much because the coffee is hot, but because the Japanese baristas are rather very hot. don’t know if it’s the same in Thailand?the starbucks here in Germany just can’t compete, and it’s really only because they don’t hire any hot men. teehee.

  4. The first picture sent a shiver down my spine. Yikes! The Starbucks down the street is also busy. There’s 4 Starbucks within walking distance and probably at least half a dozen more coffee shops in my neighborhood.P.S. the coffee cup goes well with Tawn’s attire.

  5. You know Chris, on some distant level I understand the criticism. It’s just the way our brains are programmed and it’s our first nature. I have climbed on top of so many places to get certain things done, and I don’t even think about the fact that I might get nastily injured if I fall. Our brains just doesn’t work that way. I am not sure if I make sense to you……I have had an “incident” getting a massage in Bangkok. The cab I took from the airport to hotel, ended up in a crash though not a serious one. I was having severe body ache and I think the next day I asked the hotel to arrange for a masseur. This woman turned up and started giving me massage and half way through… let’s just say that she attempted to massage some sensitive areas. I asked her to leave immediately and shouted at hotel employees! Sheez!!!

  6. When I was in Thailand, I had a stranger come up to me and ask in very poor English if I wanted a ‘massage fun’. Then he winked. It was weird.

  7. I also have my camera in my purse all the time. My pictures are never as good as yours though.The best, the absolute best massage I ever had was in Dubai at a Thai Massage parlour. OMG. It was incredible, and I felt that my skin and muscles were stroked with silk. The girls were so gentle in the way they got the stressful knots out of my tired muscles.

  8. @joburgboy – Sadly, they shoo you away after several minutes of hanging around the espresso machine, staring…@yang1815 – We checked.  For store use only.  D’oh!@ElusiveWords – @minhaners – You may find this hard to believe, but it was actually coincidence that Tawn was wearing kelly green and white… he didn’t dress to match his coffee break!@Dezinerdreams – No, I understand what you’re saying.  We often take shortcuts that, if we thought twice about it, we would recognize how dangerous.  @secade – Touts.  Sadly, common.  “Massage, mister?  Sex DVD?”@ZSA_MD – When done legitimately, Thai massage is really therapeutic. 

  9. A little Freudian on the painter perched on the chair – made me laugh and then cringe. I just got a training powerpoint on ladder safety. Really funny how many people do dangerous things and live to tell the tale.

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