You’d think all I do is cook

Perusing recent entries, I realize that I make it look like all I do is cook and eat!  Rest assured, there’s a lot more going on, including a lot of work.  I just try to write entries about the most interesting things.



0 thoughts on “You’d think all I do is cook

  1. What ever you do, it is very very good…from travel to philosophy of sorts, politics and of course cuisine. You are the master. Some days I too feel like I am only talking about food. ( did you see my recent post about the Florida trip?) heh heh heh.

  2. LOL — using the same criteria to judge my blog, all I seem to do lately is complain. Better that you post about cooking and eating, I much prefer to read/drool over that.

  3. @Wangium – My first instinct was to whirl off a witty response about whether such a thing exists.  But I thought better about it as someone might cut me off and then I’d really have something to write about!  =P

  4. How odd! W and I were discussing about you on this issue a minute ago! Well, not only home cooking but also being a random photographer as well!

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