Dining on Jalan Alor

This trip hasn’t included a lot of sight seeing.  And we realized after the fact that we know a number of people here whom we forgot were here.  So apologies to those we didn’t see on this trip.  We’ll be back, though, as KL seems a comfortable and laid-back city, even if there aren’t a lot of must-see sights.

First off, the view from the hotel room.  We could see one half of one of the two Petronas Towers.


The view itself isn’t super impressive.  But the towers are and they really are amazing at night, visible from all over the city, popping up in the background when you least expect them.


On the advice of some of Tawn’s KL office colleagues, we ventured over to Jalan Alor (jalan = street), a long block of hawker centers and open-air restaurants that cover a wide range of ingredients and styles of cooking.  In front of each restaurant are touts, holding menus and assertively selling you on why their restaurant is the place you should eat.  Not unlike the touts you would expect to find in a red light district which, we discovered, is nearby.


After walking nearly the whole length of the street, we ran the gauntlet back to the beginning, settling on one of the first places we saw.  There was a large selection of individual vendors, so we felt like the variety would be very good.  We ordered a lot of food, too much for two people, and ate well.


Spicy squid served in a chili sauce.  Not so spicy as to be intolerable, but with a nice kick.


Chicken satay with a tasty fresh peanut sauce.  Juicy meat with a nice smoky flavor.


Eggplant stir fried with ginger.


Skate wing fried in banana leaf, served with lime and chili sauce.  Never had skate wing before.  Interesting texture as, like shark, there’s a lot of cartilage.


Fried noodles with seafood and veggies.  We could have lived without this just because we already had so much food.


By the time we finished, the sun had set and the streets were filling with people.  On the way back to the hotel we stopped at a cinema to see what was playing, ending up watching Slumdog Millionaire, which has yet to open in Krungthep.  Very nice film, well made.


0 thoughts on “Dining on Jalan Alor

  1. Love the food pictures. Skate wing – can’t say that was ever on the radar but given the opportunity I’d try it. The picture of Tawn with the towers in the background is a good one.

  2. Oh-la-la. The Petronas Towers was always felt like an archaic fantasy building to me. Very cool landmark. :o) Hope KL was nice and relaxing! I returned from the city by the “bay” (thanks for the correction, I’ve stopped proofreading unfortunately…always on a rush-rush-rush schedule these days…).

  3. The food actually looks like what they serve herebut the looks of them are noticeably less greasy! I guess I am not getting such fake food over here afterall…So…how come all the stands have Chinese on them?

  4. You should be able to eat the skate wing without getting the bone out of it, correct? I always like this type of flat fish. … yes, you should skip the fried noodles, it looks too soggy, and too little veggies 🙂

  5. Yummers. My fav Malaysian food is roti chanai. BBQed chicken wings and breaksfast nasi goreng with fixings and of course…all time fav.. LAKSA! Curry coconut milk seafood noodle soup.

  6. Sorry u could not stay longer, due 2 Jalan Alor close proximity 2 most major hotels it get its reputation as red light area. If u walked 2 other end of Jln Alor you’ll see rows of pre war houses gussied up as restaurants as most eating places are al freso. I’ve a friend who had 2 get his fill of Indian Moslem food ie rotis, thalis, banana leaf rice etc. Before he heads back 2 Bangkok they’re very different from the naan we get in the states. Eating out is the national past time don’t think I’ve make out 2 many must see sights here. Although u just miss the Thaipusam festival, cheers Chris.

  7. thanks for the tour and the food. There’s one pile of chilies in that first dish. Is that cucumber with the satays? Cucumber with anything is just perfect in my books. Glad you enjoyed this year’s Oscar Dinner … it’s way too much work, but we had a ball.

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