Shots from Around Town

Following my very topical entry about Thai politics with something completely mundane, here are some shots I’ve taken the past few days.

Christmas is coming.  Even though we’re a 95% Buddhist country, Thais never pass up an opportunity to decorate and celebrate.  Especially at a mall.  I took this shot at Siam Paragon, one of the larger malls in the center of the city.


While at the mall, I noticed this father trying to position his two sons for a fun portrait.  I also noticed that there were three or four people besides me trying to take a picture of him trying to take his picture.


Saturday we did some orchid shopping.  Orchids are very inexpensive here so we actually buy live plants and keep them for several weeks (or months, if we’re lucky) until they look sickly.  Then we give them to Tawn’s father to nurse back to health.

Here’s a video of our adventure shopping:


Sunday we had a group lunch at Greyhound Cafe at Soi Ari.  This is the first group lunch we’ve had in a while, since everyone was out of town.  Slowly, though, they are trickling back.  On his flight home, Markus met a pair of Americans – David and Boon – who he decided needed to be introduced to the rest of us.  A good choice on Markus’ part as they are friendly people.  People who won’t be making their side trip to Laos, I might add.

Speaking of which, Stuart brought his friend Rupert who had arrived that morning from San Francisco.  On Wednesday I stopped in at Au Bon Pain bakery near our house, only to find the two of them sitting there finishing lunch.  Their flight to Burma that morning had been canceled by the protests.


From left: David, Rupert, Markus, Si, Stuart, Matt, Boon, Kobfa, Tawn and me.

Another reader of this blog, Rosalie, and her family are supposed to fly from Australia to Khrungthep today.  Nix on that.  A high school classmate’s partner is supposed to fly here from San Francisco on Sunday.  We’ll see if that happens.

Monday evening we had a get-together for Ee, who is still in town with her infant daughter Vicky.  Chris had to return to Melbourne to work, so it was just mother and daughter as we met with several of Tawn’s Chulalongkorn University classmates at a nice new bistro called Minibar Royale on Sukhumvit 23.  The food and ambience were nice and I’ll have to go back and try some of the other main courses.


Vicky looks horrified as Uncle Tawn leans in for a picture.  Aunty Ko is holding her.

20 thoughts on “Shots from Around Town

  1. Wow, life seems pretty normal in the city.  Great orchid video – do they throw in the pillow for the price of the orchid?  And yes, poor Vicky does look horrified – she is probably saying, “Tawn you are such a ham!”

  2. I’ve never bought orchids – I always thought they were too difficult to maintain..I guess if they were as cheap here I would give it a try..Vicky is darling even with the scared look!

  3. Oh man! That orchid stand in the video is amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many orchids all together and I had no idea they came in so many colors! That’s so cool that you can just buy them whenever you want inexpensively. I’m jealous!

  4. Just wondering how much it costs for an orchid plant in Thailand?  I bought a single stem Orchid with 5 flowers  here in Oz about a month ago and it cost me AUD $50.
    *sigh* – we hope to reschedule for mid January or maybe leave it until April.   V

  5. Your orchid documentary reminded me of a similar flower mart I visited in Chiang Mai. Well, hope the protest in the airport will be ending soon. Actually, BKK is one of the places I don’t mind being stranded during a trip; I experienced that during the SARS epidemic…haha~~

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