After our return from Buriram province, Trish had a fitting at the dressmakers’ shops.  I met up with her at the second shop, Ratchata.  Here are some pictures – you can click on them to see a larger version.

P1120041 P1120050 P1120067

All in all, Trish was pleased with their progress.  There were a few minor snafus – “Wasn’t this zipper supposed to go in the back?” – but all in all, she’s on track to pick up the dresses at the end of the week.

Afterwards, we took a trip to the Anantana Samakhom Throne Hall to see Treasures of the Kingdom V, an exhibit of extraordinary craftsmanship displaying various treasures created in honor of significant occasions such as the Queen’s 6th cycle (i.e. 72) birthday, the King’s 60th anniversary as monarch, and the King’s 80th birthday which was celebrated almost one year ago.


These works of art were absolutely amazing, stunningly detailed and gilded beyond belief.  Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed.  Above, Trish poses in front of the throne hall, in which the exhibit is housed.

Twelve days with Trish come to an end Friday but there are a few more entries to share.  Stay tuned.


15 thoughts on “Try-ons

  1. @swcheng15 – @Kephirra – @wuwu – Those are samples for Trish’s new business.  They will be available in a range of about twenty colors and will be custom made based on your own measurements.  It will probably be another month or two before she has her website up and running but anyone who is interested in more information about the dresses can just send me a message through Xanga and I’ll put you in touch with Trish directly.

  2. Raw silk is always so perfect when worn…regardless of colour I think. We had similar bad luck at the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul…. where we were not allowed to take pictures. 

  3. Great picks for Trish! :o) Glad to know someone’s out there shopping. Lately, it feels like consumerism was a thing of the past.My yearning for new Prada shoes still rages on unfortunately…hehe.

  4. My compliments to Trish! Yes, I think we have a favorite here: the purple one. Although, all the colors are so wonderful, very classy. I’d like to get updates on her progress with the business.

  5. @ElusiveWords – @curry69curry – Yes, the architecture is quite amazing and, for Thailand, very out of place.  They building was designed by a pair of Italian architects ( and there were a surprising number of structures in this city with Italian designers including the Democracy Monument.  Here is the “official” website of the throne hall, which has some good interior shots:

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