The other evening I made pizza at home.  Homemade pizza dough is so easy, I don’t know why more people don’t make it at home.


We also went to the grand opening party of a new Italian-Thai fusion bistro that is literally across the street from us.  The owner is someone Tawn knows from work, having used one of his other businesses – a tea shop – for several press events.

The place is very cute and I’ll have to get some pictures to share with you.  It actually looks a bit like our place but much larger and white is used much more throughout.


We thought it would be nice to bring a gift, since it was a personal invitation from the owner, so we brought an orchid with our business cards attached to a ribbon.


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  1. I make pizza at home, but it has been a while since i made one. I also think that home made pizzas taste so much better.
    I love the orchids. Honestly Chris, I have never seen orchids like saw in Bangkok. That particular plant Tawn is holding, is so perfect in its beauty. I need to take a couple of pictures of the ones I have in my kitchen window and post them for you to see.

  2. 1) That pizza looks so good that I had my bf go out and buy me a few slices from Costco. Yeah, too lazy to make em at home.2) Tawn is so cute in that pic!3) What kind of business do you do?

  3. Looks delicious. I wish someone made me pizza at home…Lord knows I can’t construct edible food…haha. It’s sad but true…I really need to learn how to cook. Anything! How did you learn how to cook? What did you start with?

  4. yup. I think I never ordered a pizza delivery to my home, because I can always make one from scratch quickly if I really want one. 🙂 Was that basil on the topping? Nice!

  5. Your pizza looks so yummy. Personally, why I don’t make pizza or cook any simple menu at home because of time constaint. I normally get off work late and too tired to do anything just for the food… that sound like many people in the city? 

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