Well-tiled Washroom

Friday I was running errands.  On the list was a visit to the Cotto tile store on Asoke to pick up some additional tiles.  After our remodel last P1070430 year, we discovered that the floor of the shower and the shower glass were poorly designed and poorly installed so we’ll need to re-remodel that area.  That’s another entry, which I’ll get to.

The Cotto tile store is in the FICO building, right next to the Millennium Sukhumvit Hotel which opened late last year.  Cotto must own the property or have offered quite a deal, because the bathrooms at the Millennium, which I stopped to use on the way back to the car park, are an exquisite showpiece of Cotto tiles! 

I don’t normally take pictures in bathrooms – fortunately there was nobody in there – but I just had to share this with you.

Actually, as spectacular as it looks, there is a design flaw.  The water faucet runs up the back of the sink and shoots down into the bowl.  Sadly, the water hits near the back edge of the bowl so when you wash your hands, water splashes back behind the sink and onto the wall and floor.  Must be a pain for janitorial staff.


18 thoughts on “Well-tiled Washroom

  1. Yeah Chris,  I don’t like the basin. My nephew had a similar one in Denver, the mouth of the sink was a little larger, but the faucet still was placed to the back with the same effect….water splashing all over.  I don’t particularly like the small tiles in the bathrooms.  Its a devil to clean along the grout.   I like it in someone else’s BR, but I don’t have to spend time cleaning it.

  2. You know, when you first posted the pic a day or two ago, I thought it was a pint of beer. It’s gotta be functional and practical – not just good looking.

  3. You always find the coolest subjects for your photographs. This bathroom is quite lovely, but I’d rather have a less glamorous sink if it meant that the water wouldn’t go splashing everywhere. Does your bathroom resemble this one at all? If so, bravo!Thanks for your comments on my most recent posts, by the way.

  4. @ZSA_MD – There seems to be no shortage of poorly designed sinks in this country.  One mall I went to requires a full-time attendant with a squeege to keep the water off the counter.  Why not just arrange the faucets and water pressure more effectively?

  5. @euphorie – You’re welcome for the comments.  You have single-handedly made me add Switzerland to my “to visit” list.  Our bathroom is much more conservative in appearance.  Will have to figure out what to do, though, since the tile we used for the shower has been discontinued and we need more to repair the incorrect original installation.

  6. It looked like a pint of beer to me too!
    I like the look of the small tiles, but I imagine they would be difficult to keep clean. And that bathroom is rather dark… it may just be my taste in bathroom design, but it looks like a bathroom I’d see in a Vegas casino.

  7. @alextebow – I think the Vegas design was what theyhad in mind.  There are four urinals in the center of the room, mounted to four chest-high columns.  The arrangement results in the four “users” of the urinals standing back to back and looking out at the rest of the room.  Very strange, indeed.

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