Is sticking a knife into someone positive or negative?

An interesting musing on what the dhamma (the teachings of Buddhism) says about homosexuality, from a blog by a monk of 32 years who lives in Singapore.  A brief excerpt:

ven_d “Is sticking a knife into someone a positive or a negative action?  It depends!  If the knife was held by an enraged violent person it would probably be negative.  If it is held by a surgeon performing an operation to save someone’se life it would certainly be positive.  From the Buddhist perspective, sexual behavior is not judged primarily by the gender of the people involved, by the dictates of a code of behavior drawn up in the Bronze Age or by whether a legal document has been signed, but by its psychological components.  Homosexuals are as capable of wanting and of feeling love and affection towards their partners as heterosexuals are and where such states are present homosexual sex is as acceptable as heterosexual sex.”

To read the rest of this thoughtful article, click here.


8 thoughts on “Is sticking a knife into someone positive or negative?

  1. Wonderfully powerful article, but well articulated explanation; one we all need to consider. Thanks for sharing it with all your weblog readers. Change in deeply ingrained attitudes takes a long time. We must all be patient, but do whatever we can to help that change occur.

  2. It’s probably not as exciting as you think…we just talk about how normal it is in the world for living organisms, especially mammals including humans to have variation in sexual behavior, gender identity, emotional needs and customs.Lately, we are learning about how abnormal it is for the people to restrict others on acting out their own sexual preferences and gender identity. So basically what I am saying is that homosexual or not, it is what is natural in the mammalian world, and people telling us not to do it or classifying it as bad is actually unnatural…(but to exemplify it would take a longer paragraph…so I’ll stop myself here…)

  3. @gyjcwang – Very interesting, thanks.  It is a good point that those against gay rights would do well to remember when they make claims of what is “natural” or “unnatural”.  Natural is as exists in nature.  I exist in nature! 

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