Come over for breakfast, won’t you?

The second half of our weekend was more relaxing and less do-it-yourself than the first.  We had ten friends over for Sunday breakfast – a real breakfast, starting at 10:00, instead of one of those brunches.  Homemade buttermilk biscuits with sausage gravy; oven roasted potatoes and bell peppers; soft scrambled eggs with salsa; and assorted fruits.  Mimosas and fresh-brewed coffee and tea for those who were thirsty.


What an interesting mix of guests we had.  Brian made it to our house for the first time as he had been out of town on occassions when we had previously invited him.  Stuart and Piyawat were both able to make it as were Ken and Chai.  Of course, no party is a party without Vic there, and Doug brought two guests:  One of them, Gaye, is a native of Istanbul who has been studying massage in Chiang Mai for the past several months before returning home this Wednesday. The other, Orn, works for the American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand in membership and outreach.  Needless to say, they both had such interesting stories to share.

Sometimes after we throw parties the question arises, “Was it worth the effort?”  While I did choose to do a little extra cooking Saturday evening to prepare (I rendered the drippings from some fresh pork belly to make my own lard, which is the best fat to use when making roasted breakfast potatoes.  Dinner potatoes with rosemary are better with olive oil, though.), the dishes were all very easy to make, so this time both Tawn and I were relaxed enough to really enjoy the party and the answer to the question is definitely, “Yes!”


13 thoughts on “Come over for breakfast, won’t you?

  1. Come over for breakfast, won’t you?…yes please just a fruits and scrambled eggs with home-made bread and turkish coffee…

  2. Um, anything cooked in rendered pork fat is gonna taste delish! ^_^And RYC, I’m kinda gullible but did you really not understand that guys comment about the “China Train”?

  3. What a beautiful display! Breakfast looks great. I had brunch today at the Thai Temple on MLK and it reminds me of you guys.

  4. Like my grandson Davis says, ” can I come too?” I will call Matt and tell him to take me along.
    I left a comment on your  beautiful photo elsewhere.

  5. @brooklyn2028 – No, honestly Sheldon, I’ve never heard the expression.  From your response I can tell that it was meant as a racial insult, but I’ve never heard it.  I’ve heard “FOB” but nothing about trains. 

  6. @Ethan – I miss going to the temple.  It made for many fun Sundays.  Last time I went back the ladies serving the food did not seem impressed that I was speaking to them in Thai.  Kind of a mood-buster.

  7. hahahhaa…. i wanna fly to bangkok now too… for breakfast lunch and dinner =) gotta have iron chef battle there… America vs Thailand vs Malaysia lmao

  8. On my next visit to BKK, I have to stop by your place and get my appetite and camera ready!!BTW, please tempt us more by taking more close-ups of your sumptuous plates?

  9. breakfast? where? lol! i’m vulnerable when it comes to food.are those watermelons i see? and the green ones next to the water container, are those mangoes with fish/shrimp paste?drooling like homer…

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