PR and DYI

P1060004 A relaxing start to the weekend at Chez Chris and Tawn.  Well, not exactly, and I’ll talk more about it in a moment.  But in the meantime, efforts are being made to ensure that Tawn is well pampered, right.

You may recall that about two months ago we had a photo shoot for Elle Decoration magazine’s Thailand edition.  There was a full day shoot in which the house was turned upside down while I was banished to the balcony and eventually just left home for the day.

As much as I wasn’t keen about doing the photo shoot, Tawn felt it was important both to build his image (he does PR and one day wants to work freelance so his image is important) and our designer is always looking for some free publicity.

P1060273 So no sooner had the shoot finished and the story had been confirmed with Elle – the spin on the story is “A Baker’s Home” – then Tawn accepted another request for a photo shoot, this one from Daybeds. 

The story this time is “A Peaceful Sanctuary” and instead of doing small, focused shots as Elle did, this time the entire house was staged beforehand and then the photographer just came through and shot rooms.  This necessitated a whole truckload of different decorations to be brought in from Ble’s store and a whole balcony worth of decorations to be moved out to the balcony, left.

Needless to say, I didn’t stay at home for this photo shoot, either.  Promises have been made that there will be no more photo shoots as it is really, really far outside my comfort zone.


So what did we do this Saturday?  We finally tackled a home improvement project.  My father, the original do-it-yourselfer whose favorite place when we were growing up in Sunnyvale, CA was Orchard Supply Hardware, is hopefully proud to see how much of a chip off the old block I have become.  Who would have imagined that I possess the tinkerer’s gene?

The problem to be overcome was the drain for our washing machine.  For whatever reason (narrow ceilings?) the drain does not have a u-trap.  Since the hose from the washer does not fit snuggly in the drain, there has been plenty of room for unpleasant odors to leak out into the bathroom, made worse when you turn the ventilation fan on, thinking incorrectly that you’ll be drawing fresh air into the bathroom.


The challenge was how to seal the opening to the drain while still being able to use it for the washing machine.  After a few trips to the hardware store and much heavy lifting to remove the 40 kg stacked dryer and the 80 kg washer, we settled on a solution:

P1060489 A pipe adapter, which steps down one size pipe to another, fit perfectly into the hole and created a narrower opening through which the washer hose could be placed.  I used acrylic putty around the pipe adapter, sealing it and ensuring it would stay in place.  After about an hour of letting the putty dry, I reinserted the hose and then used the old MacGyver standby, duct tape, to create an airtight seal around it.

Finally, some shoving and heavy lifting saw the machines put back into place and we now have a bathroom free from the smell of mysterious drain odors.  We’ve even run a couple of loads of laundry just to make sure the drain wouldn’t back up.  So far, so good…

That task finished, we headed out for some lunch at our local pie shop (right) and then on to shopping errands to prepare for our breakfast gathering Sunday morning.  It is time to introduce my Khrungthep friends to my homemade buttermilk biscuits.

Looking at my notes, I see that there are many other things I need to write about including some catch up from days past.  Soon, soon, soon.


5 thoughts on “PR and DYI

  1. Sounds like a good fix to me – any fix that does the job is a good fix. I am proud that you are becoming a chip off the old block – a few more years of home ownership and you will be there. Take care and keep that roll of duct tape handy. Dad

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