Winter in Hong Kong Part 1

We arrived in Hong Kong just before eleven Thursday night for a long weekend of visiting friends, shopping, and – most of all – relaxing.  Since a requirement of my visa is that I have to leave the country every ninety days, short trips such as these make for good quick vacations as well as jumping through the appropriate immigration hoops.

The weather is cool here – highs about 74 F / 22 C – but muggy.  The sky is mostly overcast and if you catch the occassional gust of wind the day is pleasant.  When the sun breaks through you can quickly get sweaty despite the low temperature.

All the locals are wearing jackets and sweaters.

We booked the room at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, located in Causeway Bay across from the Hong Kong Jockey Club.  It is a nice enough hotel, but the original “basic” room we were booked in had frosted-over windows.  All of the basic rooms do, we were told, because that side of the hotel faces an old Chinese cemetery.  After paying for an upgrade, we found ourselves in a larger room with a view, with dinner and internet access included.

I’ll try to do a post with some pictures tomorrow, but so far I haven’t taken very many.  After enough visits and having lived here, I’m less inspired to click away.


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