Honey spill hits Asoke Place

P1020235 This morning as I sat down to the computer, which is nestled among the stacks of boxes awaiting transport to our new condo, I looked down to see a pool of honey at the base of one of the “foodstuffs” boxes. 

It turned out that one of the bottles of unpasteurized honey I had purchased in Samut Songkhram had started to leak, a result of their recycled bottling materials: used brandy bottles are used again (caps and all) for the honey.

Some careful cleaning was done and the cardboard box has been wiped down and is drying.  I’ll reassemble and repack it and hopefully we can continue without any other environmental catastrophes.


Last night Ryan’s cousin Kenny was in town with his fiancee Amelia, his brother, and an assortment of friends.  Kenny and Amelia live in Hong Kong now so they are neighbors of sorts.  Didn’t have an opportunity to talk with them at Ryan and Sabrina’s wedding and later found out that their connection to me has multiple links: Amelia was roommates in Berkeley with Mabel, with whom I worked several years at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival.  There are Berkeley connections, volleyball connections, film festival connections, just all sorts of connections.

The seven of us had dinner at Cafe de Laos on Silom 19, a nice Northeastern Thai / Laotion place that I think I take nearly every guest to.  Afterwards we headed to the Moon Bar at the top of the Banyan Tree hotel for drinks.  Just before midnight it started to sprinkle and the staff evacuated us downstairs and into a sheltered area while settling bills.  No pictures to share, unfortunately.


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