I arrive safely in Kansas City

IMG_6817 I arrived Saturday afternoon in Kansas City.  The flight from Khrungthep to Los Angeles by way of Taipei was quite comfortable.  I have to give an enthusiastic thumbs-up to EVA’s Elite Class (premium economy) which was an excellent value for the money. 

The space is not nearly so great as in a business class cabin, but is still entirely sufficient that I (at 183cm / 6′ tall) was able to sit with my legs crossed even when the person in the row in front of me was fully reclined.

IMG_6873 Add to this a solid audio-video on-demand system, attentive and friendly service, and good food, and it is well worth the about US$1200 the ticket cost.  Now if they would just fly to a few more US destinations beside Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Newark (through Seattle), it would provide a little more flexibility. 

EVA is in the process of upgrading their 747 fleet with the more updated interior of their 777-300ER fleet.  This will be nice because the seats in the 747 definitely were older, while comfortable, and the video system was not on-demand. 

However, I really like that on their 747, the Elite Class occupies the front part of the plane where First Class is normally located.  Shown here, the cabin feels particularly spacious for an economy class cabin.

IMG_7103 After an overnight stop in Los Angeles, where I enjoyed some fish tacos from Rubio’s and a cheeseburger from In-N-Out, I continued to Kansas City aboard a nonstop flight on Midwest Airlines.  They feature a 2×2 configuration in their Boeing 717 (updated DC-9) aircraft.  This configuration has a business class feel except that the legroom is the same as in regular economy.  Really wide seats, really average legroom.

But the service is good and the nonstop flight was appreciated.  Oh, and their freshly baked chocolate chip cookies were a highlight.

I was met at the gate by my sister, Jennifer, and elder niece, Emily.  The first day in Kansas City has been a lot of fun, and in between jet lag I’ve had time to do some baking including an apple pie (with assistance from sous chef Emily).

Ava, my 18-month-old niece, was shy around me for about the first two minutes and then became my new best friend.  She’s already beginning to speak and it is interesting seeing the competition that arises between the girls.  Just wait until they are teenagers!


9 thoughts on “I arrive safely in Kansas City

  1. Hey, thanks for the review of Eva’s Premium Economy class!  I was always curious to see how Eva Airlines stacks up, especially since I periodically have business trips from NY to Taiwan.  The legroom sounds good, although it doesn’t seem like the seats recline very far.  Was the recline significantly better than regular economy class or was it comparable?

  2. Oh, nice recap of Eva Air…though I fly Thai Air most of the time, I’ll sure look into Eva Air!Hey, In N Out…I crave for that very often, they have one of the best burgers!

  3. Eva Air and Cathy Pacific are the best! I’ve flown Eva twice and I’m flying Cathy Pacific this December, having a layover in HK. Welcome back to the U.S.A.

  4. The recline was noticeably better than in regular economy class.  Also, the seats use a pivot system to increase the effective recline: when you lean the seatback back, the back edge of the bottom cushion actually lowers and the front edge of the bottom cushion raises.  Don’t know if the explanation is clear but it does make for a pretty good recline.
    Curry – Yes, well I would have liked to call you…

  5. One funny thing about me and Eva Air is that the Eva Air theme song that they play before teh plane take off and after landing continue to play inside my head for at least a few days after I leave the plane 🙂
    The rear half of the main passenger cabin of some of Eva’s B747 planes are modified to be used for cargo storage. It is more convinient for passengers to enter and exit the airplane since the total numbers of passengers will drop to about 200-300 instead of 400+ for the regular B747 configuration.
    Overall, I think Eva Air is one of the best airlines.

  6. Ty – Well, they aren’t a part of anyone’s network although they code share with American.  Their mileage system gives status and rewards a bit more quickly than the Star Alliance and since the relative quality to price is much better than on UA, I’ve already made the decision to leave United behind.  And I say this as a former Mileage Plus 1K.
    Nicky – Hmm… didn’t notice the theme song, only that they were playing boarding music.  I’ll listen more closely on the way back.

  7. So how’s Kansas? I hope, I will get da chance to visit there. How about EVA Air? Its quite nice from ya pic.

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