Real progress is being made on the condo; C&T buy the boys beer

IMG_6756 Tawn sent me to the condo on Wednesday morning to meet the people from the air conditioner company, who were going to reposition two units.  They were supposed to arrive by ten, which means that I was able to sit by the pool for ninety minutes waiting for them to arrive at 11:30.

Right: The sliding doors between the living room and the second bedroom / office have been installed.

I was shocked to find a dozen people working on the condo, and that was not including the three additional air conditioning guys who showed up.  It was a regular frenzy of activity.  The cabinets are all being installed and are actually looking the way they are meant to look.  The electrician was finalizing wiring and the sliding doors were being installed.

IMG_6761 Left: This is how new electrical wiring is installed – just chisel a trench into the concrete wall!

There was so much progress that after Tawn and I had lunch, we brought a cooler full of ice and cans of beer and Coke back to the condo to thank the workers for their hard work.  (Cue obligatory joke about the doors being put on crooked after that “thank you” treat.)

IMG_6755 Right: It is beginning to really look like a kitchen.  We discovered that the height between the counter and the upper cabinets was different on each side of the kitchen, even though the plan specifies the same height of 55 cm.  The response when this was pointed out: Mai pben rai!  No problem, we’ll just cut off the bottom of one set of cabinets!

I feel sorry for the racket that we’re causing for our neighbors.  Perhaps it was just because of the amount of activity today, but even with the door closed, I could hear the noise quite clearly down by the pool.  Especially the compressor for the nail gun.

The lady next to us is a pretty famous Thai supermodel.  She recently had some new cabinets delivered to her house and made the delivery men wait by her door while she relaxed by the pool.  Tawn saw this happening and quietly pointed her out to the delivery men, who thought that maybe she just wasn’t home yet.  After the new cabinet was installed, she has left the old cabinet sitting int he hallway in front of her neighbor’s condo.  For two weeks now!

Maybe I don’t feel quite so sorry about the construction workers making so much noise.

Below: A short video clip showing the progress – and the noise:


Speaking of not feeling sorry, one of the things that I don’t have any sympathy for is the scads of motorbike messengers who park their scooters on the sidewalks.  Shame on the businesses for not providing adequate and convenient parking, since their tenants use these messengers so frequently.  But at the same time, shame on the police for not making sure the walking public has the right of way on the sidewalks.

Especially noteworthy: the Cotto Tiles building and the adjacent, soon-to-open Millennium Sukhumvit Hotel.  Because of the construction going on there, the normal parking lot is closed.  So what do the messengers do?  Completely block the sidewalk. 


I leave tomorrow for two weeks – sixteen days, really – in the US.  Primary reason for the visit is my cousin Alex’s wedding in Walnut Creek, CA on Saturday the 6th.  Also want to spend some time with the family in Kansas City as well as apply for a new visa for Thailand.  It already looks like I’ll have to work at least two or three of my vacation days, though, due to a pressing project. 

EVA 1 This will be my first time flying EVA Airways, a Taiwanese airline that is part of the Evergreen Group.  On the recommendation of Ryan, Vic, and Dave and Monty – all of whom have given positive reviews – I’ll be trying their premium economy class

For about the same price of economy on many airlines (and even a few hundred less than what United was charging), I get a seat that is the equivalent of a domestic US first class seat: 38″ pitch and 18″ width. 

The seats on their new 777-300 have power ports and audio-video on demand in their premium economy seats, too.  This is better than United offers even in their business class!

Look for a trip report to come from this trip.


8 thoughts on “Real progress is being made on the condo; C&T buy the boys beer

  1. I always have an uneasy feeling whenever I use the sidewalk, because of these messengers speeding alongside!Nice video of the remodeling…though I have to agree with YNOTswim too. Have a nice trip!

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