Thai Film Foundation screens classic films by pioneering Thai filmmaker

Cherd Songsri 2 Why is it a good idea to read the newspaper from time to time?  So I find out about these types of events.


The Thai Film Foundation and the National Film Archive are screening a retrospective of works by pioneering Thai filmmaker Cherd Songsri (left), who essentially introduced Thai culture to world film watchers in the 70s.  Born in 1931, Cherd made his first film in 1966. 


Studying at University of California, Los Angeles in the late 60s energized Cherd to make films that exhibited his concept of “Thainess”.  Cherd died in May of last year of cancer. 


Plae Kao 2

Above: A scene from 1977’s Plae Kao (“The Scar”) starring Nantana Ngaograjang and Sorapong Chantree.

  • Ploy Talay (“The Gem from the Deep” 1987) – Adapted from novelist Mai Muang Derm’s “Sin Nai Naam”, this seaside romantic drama involves a tragic triangular romance and a mysterious gem.  7:00 pm on Monday, 24 September and Friday, 28 September.
  • Am Daeng Muen Kab Nai Rid (“Muen and Rid” 1994), Screened at the 1994 Fukuoka International Film Festival, this drama is based on the true story of a feminist named Am Daeng Muen who lived during the reign of Rama IV and pushed for gender equality.  7:00 pm Tuesday, 25 September and Saturday, 29 September.
  • Puean Paeng Plae Kao (“The Scar” 1977) – The classic romantic tragedy of two peasants in rural Thailand.  7:00 pm on Wednesday, 26 September.
  • Tawiphop (“Another World” 1990) is based on the famous novel by Thommayanti about a young Thai woman who steps from the present day world to the era of Rama V, through a magic antique mirror.  7:00 pm on Thursday, 27 September.
  • Puen Paeng (1983) (pictured right) about a triangular love story of two sisters who have the same boyfriend.  Shows 7:00 pm Sunday, 30 September.

All films show at the EGV Siam Discovery Center.  Information at the Thai’>Thai Film Foundation website.


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