Stuck in an elevator

A relative of mine says that I live a very interesting life.  She claims that if she wrote a blog, she would quickly run out of things about which to write.  I have a theory that all of our lives are interesting; it is just a matter of being open to the “blog-able” experiences.  Open yourself to them and they will surely come.

Take yesterday, for example.  All week there had been signs posted throughout the building that on Friday the electricity would be shut down from noon until 1:00 pm so that some maintenance work could be done.  I returned home from lunch with Markus (at which we witnessed a man who was installing a plastic sign some six meters off the ground drop a large plexiglass sheet onto the heads of two women dining at a street vendor’s tables below – but that’s another story) and the guard buzzed me into the elevator lobby.  The power was still on and I entered an elevator with a young Thai lady who was also waiting.  The doors cosed and several seconds after the elevator started ascending – I noticed we had just passed the 20th floor – the power went out and our elevator came to a stop.

The lady gasped.

We stood there in the dark for about a minute, then I used the light from my mobile phone to locate the emergency call button.  Almost immediately a lady asked me in Thai where we were, and I guessed that we were around the 21st or 22nd floor.  She said something to the effect of, “sit tight” and so we did.

About four minutes later, as the car was beginning to get a bit warm, the power came back on.  We didn’t move for another minute or so, and the buttons were unresponsive.  Then the floor numbers lit up again and we started climbing, passing my floor and continuing up to the lady’s requested 37th floor.

I decided that for the sake of safety, I had best alight at the 37th floor and take the stairs back down to our 25th floor.  This worked out okay, although the power was cut off again somewhere around the 29th floor, but the emergency lights came on just two seconds later.

So that was my exciting Friday.


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