Drinks with a view

Saturday evening Tawn, Vic and I went for dinner at T Restaurant, a seafood restaurant owned by one of Tawn’s former United Airlines colleagues’ family.  We ate very well, as always, with huge grilled prawns and a whole garoupa steamed with soy sauce and green onions.

Three Sixty After dinner we drove across the river to the Millenium Hilton hotel.  Located in Thonburi on the western bank of the Chao Praya River, the Hilton is unqiue among Khrungthep’s “drinking with a view” places because it looks back on the rest of the city while the other places are smack in the middle of it.  This leads to some spectacular views that, while not as high up as Vertigo or Scirocco in terms of elevation, have the river framing them beautifully.

The venue is ThreeSixty, the non-rotating lounge located on the 32nd storey of the hotel, right.  With live jazz and low lighting, it provides an intimate space for relaxing and taking in the view, a sampling of which was borrowed here from the Hilton’s website:


While enjoying the vocalist, a woman from New York who has a strong voice perfect for singing the standards, we had drinks and I ate a trio of mousses for dessert: chocolate, panna cotta, and mango-caramel.  Tasty!  Below: Without a tripod, you can’t see much of view behind me, but I enjoyed it on your behalf.  Belive me.



DSCF9643 Sunday morning I was up by seven and on my way to Queen Sirikit Convention Centre for some riding.  Markus is in Singapore this week so I was biking solo.  Nonetheless, I was able to ride thirty kilometers in just over an hour. 

 The Sirikit Centre has a nice park with a two-kilometer bicycle track parallel to the pedestrian track.  In the center is a large lake where you can rent paddle boats.  When I stopped at eight o’clock for the national anthem – it is broadcast over the speakers and all the runners, walkers and cyclists stop – I noticed some dead fish floating in the lake.  Not a good sign.  


3 thoughts on “Drinks with a view

  1. The light in the picture of you is captured very nicely. I agree that a little tripod might have been a notch better, but hey, one works with what has at disposal.

  2. Ha ha ha…Seeing that last picture reminded me of my childhood.I lived in a house located right in front of that beautiful lake (now with some dead fish, alas) before we were asked to leave to make way for the construction of the Queen Sirikit Center.

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